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An N scale “2-6-2”,

The lead set of wheels he blew…

Pictured once

An engine thus,

Converted to an “0-6-2.”

Most steam engines of this type,

In foreign fields are ripe…

In the U.S.

Mostly tank engines are left,

Them with tenders as hard to find as snipe!

Some may have come from Birmingham,

Alabama, a modified plan…

No evidence there—

Or up in the air—

The Internet doesn’t do well with “rare”.

He thinks Indiana coal fields,

Was where a real engine congealed…

Now he cannot find

The photo in mind,

Not finding a prototype, his mind reels!

Worse yet, he’s lost his model,

Was it sold or just took a toddle…

Somewhere below

All the other stuff so,

His research continues in high throttle!

–Jonathan Caswell

Google Image of a live steam model of a European designed 0-6-2 + tender,

produced by ROUNDHOUSE, makers of small scale live steam models.



Woke up this very morning

With a friendly letter to write…

To an honest new friend

Who asked me please to type.

Was invited to the Internet–

Did I push something in transit….?

Walking to our Common Room

for a table and chair to sit.

I went (of course) to Google,

And there befiore my eyes…

Was a “Happy Birthday Jonathan”–

Oh what a pleasant surprise!

I’m aware it’s a search engine

With plenty of facts to stow…

But to see that on one’s birthday

Is more pleasurable than you’d know!

–Jonathan caswell