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I submitted limericks to THE PENTATETTE** for several years. These are just a few.

It’s raining and snowing together,

The perfect Worcester (Mass.) weather…

But here’s the trick,

It better not stick

With cars driving hell-for-leather!


Blogging of a starlet’s spiral

Downwardly took off viral…

What is stank,

She laughs to the bank

Not caring her story’s hirel.


I once had red hair you see,

But grey, black and bald’s left to me…

My prejudice arose

‘Gainst the men I suppose,

Because anger for me was easy!


In October his Mom died of cancer,

After all this time there’s no answer…

Why he’s not cried

But deep inside

The issue takes more than a glance, sir.


He once knew a family from Douglas

Whose home was practically bug-less…

They sprayed lots of mist

With chemical fist,

Poisoned the dog and went pugless!


**THE PENTATETTE is an on-line and printed newsletter specifically for limericks.  See for details.


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He’s never ravished a redhead

Except with his eyes…

Blonde and brunette were his closest loves,

Avoiding a redhead surprise!

Being red himself he feared

An alleged quick anger blow…

He himself had the very same,

As a redhead he should know.

His younger days a redhead,

He lost all his red “guard hairs”…

Happily married his brunette–

If anybody cares.

–Jonathan Caswell