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(Each individual three-line haiku is considered a poem on its own,

despite perhaps being related to a common theme.–J.E.C.)

(Additionally, haiku may or may not include punctuation—traditional haiku generally do not  have it –J.E.C.)

Presidents’ Day off

Waving away package trucks

Skeleton crew on

American loss,

Long weekends not historic…

Blurred history lost!

High snow banks turn brown

Road salt stains on pavement grey

Waiting for snow days

Plow trucks stand idle

Except for salting road ice

No more overtime?

Winter buds wonder

Is it time to grow and sprout?

Freeze burnt other years…!

Swans in ponds feeding

Youngsters finally on their own

Mommas drove them off

Easter candy sales

Set up before the fourteenth

Valentines half off

–Jonathan Caswell




access to a loving heart

sanctum protected!

Mind of an old guy

Takes in all manner of sights

Most he keeps to self

People still stir hearts

Learning trust at the message

Responses guarded

Dreams’ reality

Hard to move from this to that

cardboard Brenda Star!

Gatekeeper on duty

Quality control agent

Pure sacrifices

The Holy one  comes

His Temple is within us

His Spirit keeps the gate.

Close gates on evil

Open to God’s holy love

Entrust hearts to God!

Mother’s skirt protects

Being near one’s Protector

God would spread His wings!

–Jonathan Caswell



(Adult Topic)

Become impotent

His fading manhood laments…

But what is inside?


Little feeling left,

No place left to vent the ache…

Must thinking change, too?


Engorgement all gone,

Being faithful accepts lack…

No one left to love.


How to love without?

Can a man still be a man”’

His woman knows that!


Appreciates form,

Less likely liquid lusting…

Why keep the old ways?


Is safer this way…

For all women that he sees,

Much less threatening!


Power lust remains,

That…no non-phallic can cure…

Bad apples near tree.

–Jonathan Caswell



(Adult topics, most…)-

Hour-glass figure,

Driving the older men wild…

Just gives time of day!

Loves a redhead true,

Worships the ground she walks on…

Already married!  😦

Wants to relive youth,

Heart-troubled testosterone…

Lover’s risk too high?

Dementia doors closed,

Restrains the wandering man…

Family relief!

Dreamer sets out shoes

Hoping for shoes shined tonight

Only in hotels!

Making mud pie shells,

Giving to Mommy to bake…

Brown grits with gravy!

–Jonathan Caswell