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(An opinion piece)

For all the children eaten,

For all His people beaten…

At least they’ll see


Away from life so fleeting.

Those who sit by,

Should hear the tortured cry…

Of a god and his raiders,

Hateful invaders,

Who make victims want to die!

“Progressives” who don’t care a whit,

Yawn saying “get on with it”…

So we can win

Not looking at sin,

“That doesn’t bother us one bit.”

They call themselves upright,

But that won’t wash tonight…

Jesus weeps

While a ruler keeps

His vacation schedule tight.

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece—of the Poet and those who truly care for others—photo ops. not withstanding!)



GROUND ZERO, with Clyde Lewis

Confirmed Christians killed–how true is–

Anyone disagree

It’s curtains for thee,

Radical Muslims in the U.S.

Our government seems not to care

With Christians slaughter elsewhere..

.Muslims too,

Have necks cut through

And it’s not just “over there”!

Only Kurds are seriously fighting

I.S.I.S., who are religious  fives lighting…

Bent to destroy

The whole world (Oh boy),

A massive kaliphate in Muslim writings.

–Jonathan caswell