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The candy was in display,

A¬†little past June, you say?…

Now in full gear,

Retailers fear

Sales are slipping away?

Hung skeletons in hoodies,

Protect potential goodies…

Hanging in air–

No one is scared–

Not even afraid of cooties!

In this residence folks choose

If they want kids let loose…

To knock on their doors,

For candy stores

That could rot teeth till loose!

My wife and I don’t,

With scary things we can’t cope…

And left-over sweets

Affect eats,

Diabetics hang with their own “rope!”

–Jonathan Caswell



Far from a mere manatee

Mermaids appeal endlessly…

To men on the waves

That sanity saves

Providing female fantasy.

‘Though the style was once more obese,

The interest of this kind never ceased…

Adolescents too

Experience anew

What helped sailors find some piece.

He remembered a fantasy groovy

Influenced by a W.C. Fields movie….

With a voluptuous vamp

Disturbing the camp

Of Olympian athletes moody.

Combined with a mermaid slinky

His adolescent mind edged toward kinky…

It wasn’t X-rated

But clearly demonstrated

His fantasy required some hard thinking.

–Jonathan Caswell