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<3 JOANNE <3

❤    JOANNE    ❤

Putting it very succinctly,

Joanne in our eyes is distinctly…

A treasure to see

While we happily,

Visit her office meekly.

In fashion that’s the best,

In professional confidence rests…

Her cheery manner

With not a complainer,

Or any of which we’ll attest!

Blessed by her children dear,

We’re blessed by her presence here…

Those of us taken,

Loyalties unshaken

Would make our affection of her clear!

We hope this Valentine will do,

We sure do appreciate you…!

–Jonathan Caswell



They say I have a dry mouth

Because you are not here…

The sweetness of your lips

I’m thirsting for my dear.

I’m craving your love like water

From a natural spring…

But without you beside me,

My heart cannot sing!

I long to drink in your beauty,

Fulfill my joyous duty…

But until you’re here

I know my dear

My breath is dry not fruity.

–Jonathan Caswell