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WHEW–we made it past,

A little snow left on the grass…

Rain turned icy,

Morning drives dicey,

Thank goodness it melted fast!

I had to drive yesterday,

Don’t tell anyone…okay?…

My weakening leg

Forced me to beg

For an end to our delightful forray.

What a joy to shop on our own,

Getting brands we really wanted to take home…

Gathering supplies,

Both mine and Di’s,

A high point in our tome!

–Jonathan Caswell



Overnight my foot bandage grows,

Where once was one of my toes…

Material slips

From frequency trips

To the bathroom….look like a nose!

Oh proboscis so fair,

Surprising it is that you’re there…

The nighttime nurse

Seems adverse

To using enough tape and care.

–Jonathan Caswell

FINAL REST….by Carl Gooch


When my Day has finally come

And life’s race has been won…

In my heart and mind

I’ll see the finish line!

Tears of joy filling my eyes,

As I say my fond goodbyes…

When I leave, don’t weep for me–

My Savior I’ve gone to see.

If you must speak grieving words,

Let it be love that is heard…

Don’t stand and tell lies–

I’ll claim no alibis!

I’ve been just an everyday man,

Struggling to hold my stand…

When lain down

At the edge of town,

With God’s help I’ve kept His commands!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 09 October 2014



Favorite season,

Colors from life on display…

Hidden until now.

Birth and death at once,

Mine and that of my Mother…

Sorrow leaves fall down!

Orange and green, both,

Barrenness not yet in view…

Hopeful transitions!

October people

Balancing light and darkness…

Creating wonder!


–Jonathan Caswell



A man, nameless shall be,

Became my friend reluctantly…

Christians blamed

For negative fame,

But somehow he warmed up to me!

We worked side-by-side for years,

Angry, defensive with fears…

Muslim was he

Of some infamy,

And oft took it out on his peers.

We fought like cats and dogs,

At a whim beginning to slog…

About Christians and Jews

And Palestinian dues

Paid to be treated like dogs.

We agreed Palestinians were used

As go-between and abused…

As Israel’s thorn,

A tool born

To constantly put on the screws.

Somehow he came to see

My faith was directing me…

Despite logic raised

I my Lord praised,

And acted consistently.

He still questions the Bible

With questions approaching libel…

Answering his whim

Hasn’t always been,

The easiest to find what he sees as viable!

But he and I share,

Both having family in our care…

Difficulties laid

We each give aid

To the other, to keep working there.

–Jonathan Caswell

TRULY BLESSED….by Carl Gooch


Christ the true and only light,

He knows our mournful plight…

The one who shows the way–

He’s with us from day-to-day.

Oh Christ, morning star of hope

You ae my strength to help me cope…

My day does not start, it’s true,

Until I’ve received blessing from you.

Before from my bed I rise

It is you who opens my eyes…

My praise of you is just and right,

You stand guard throughout the night!

You lead me in work and play,

You are the breadth of my day…

You give both task and rest

And by your love I am truly blessed.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 01 October 2014



Birds flit among the mums

Totting up flower seed sums…

Chrysanthemums bright

Appear spots of light,

Where the last honey bee hums.

When dreary days are the norm

We look for any storm….

To clear the air,

And clear skies prepare–

Some sunlight would help us feel warm!

Overcast clouds and drizzle

Would anyones spirit fizzle…

But light from one’s heart

Rain clouds do part,

Thwarting the most evil missile.

–Jonathan Caswell

CRADLE TO CROSS, by Carl Gooch


What hope is there for a sinner lost?

Only the hope this Child does bring…

The hope of the world comes from

Christ our Lord, merciful King.

In Bethlehem-town quiet and calm

In the heavens a star shone bright…

Then sang angels in a round

Praises to the Lord of Light.

In drafty stable a Child was born

Who’d become our One salvation…

What a lowly birth for the King of all,

Over every tribe and nation!

He was born our sacrifice

From cradle to cross for thee…

Blood and death were sin’s price

He paid so we could live free.

Carl a. Gooch ~ 25 September 2014

NONE BUT YOU….by Carl Gooch


Loving Father, it is because of you alone

That my heart overflows with praise,

Quiet my soul and still my tongue

As you poor out Love’s blessing…

On your servant, holy hands raised!

Gracious King, your way is life,

Truth in your holy word for us to hear…

Your Holy Spirit given

To strengthen our way to Heaven;

Your presence allows no room for fear!

You rise majestically,

Give us rest when we’re weary…

From evil you lead and protect

And bless us ever direct,

A loving Father that wants our best!

My Lord and my God you are loving,

Your miracles faithful and true…

The God of my father’s father

There is no other like you!

Carl Gooch*

* NOTE:  Some of his works presented here are from two or more months ago. I am suspending his “Written on This Date” information to ease the transcriber’s embarrassment!

ALSO–his poetic form has been changed slightly.



I met her at folk dance,

Starting a quick romance…

Floundering later

A big blast crater

Shook me from my trance.

Unlike my future Diana,

“Dinny” saw divorce on her scanner…

Making it plain

She’d face that pain,

If I was not her manna.

She had a form I loved,

Not a slim but proportioned dove…

Her horse riding

Looked toward providing

Wedding nights of exciting love.

I knew before I’d admit

That we’d reached the end of it…

She gave a two-week

Notice to seek

The answer to go on or quit.

Don’t remember if I kept the ring,

I may have thrown away the thing…

But an amber heart

She wouldn’t part

With, despite my last pleading.

In four months she found her man,

After I’d opened up the can…

Her productive life

As mother and wife,

Was better than I had planned!

Four years later, Diana,

And I corresponded (HOSANNA!)…

Finding room

To be HER groom,

Building our love cabana!

–Jonathan Caswell