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“Another one bites the dust,”**

Says a song folks have discussed…

Some say conquest

Fits a man best,

Without—it’s hard to adjust.

We’ve done it various ways,

Channeling it for praise…

Getting someone bathed

In the whirl pool saved

Me from being defeated those days.

I guess also poetry

Is challenge and conquest for me…

Building blog following

Without wallowing

In pride’s important to me.

But taken too far I lose,

Followers that I’d chose…

To push the line

Past what’s refined

Where that person began to feel used.

Went for conquest on E-bay,

Until all the money went away…

An addiction to stop

Before the shoes drop,

And I find out what my wife would say!

So it’s back to the drab and drear,

With little to conquer here…

No damsels distressed

But my wife’s constant request,

Why should I hold my own health that dear?

Plus being physically unable

To do certain things makes unstable

Thoughts and desires

becoming dying fires,

Leaves less to put on the table.

You might say,”conquer your poor health,”

But that involves just myself…

No one to save

Or need to be brave,

All that stuff gets shoved on the shelf!

–Jonathan Caswell

**a song by QUEEN.