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We have one “free” table

Where folks put give-aways….

The Property Manager currently

Said it had seen the last of its days.

She said we had to put up ads

On the bulletin board to see…

And keep the stuff at home until

The board brought us remedy.

There are , at the moment, Catholic Christmas cards…

Small cook books, cookies outspread…

Months of struggle by the Manager

A return to status quo has led!

It’s not like in the old days

When ANYTHING put there’d be taken…

But imposing of contrary authority

No older resident has been shaken.



Woke up this very morning

With a friendly letter to write…

To an honest new friend

Who asked me please to type.

Was invited to the Internet–

Did I push something in transit….?

Walking to our Common Room

for a table and chair to sit.

I went (of course) to Google,

And there befiore my eyes…

Was a “Happy Birthday Jonathan”–

Oh what a pleasant surprise!

I’m aware it’s a search engine

With plenty of facts to stow…

But to see that on one’s birthday

Is more pleasurable than you’d know!

–Jonathan caswell



English is a weird language

With lots of dips and curves…

Was it the Pope who said this phrase

Or one of his translators?

We would say “human beings”,

Their personhood is assumed…

Despite pet owner objections

No other species we include!.

A bone to pick about English–

Do you notice all the cliches…

Too many aren’t taught the basics,

And  richness slips away!

I dispise proselytizers

Who will not good English learn…

Missing meanings in the Bible

Because of how phrases turn.

I guess the uneducated

To the poorly educated go…

That’s why I.S.I.S. gains footholds

In most places that they show.

A Muslim of my acquaintance,

Doesn’t know of the literary device…

Or how the Bible says what it says

‘Though he’s memorized it “twice.”

Trying as a friend to explain this,

To him…he only argues…

If he really knew what he memorized

He’d open his eyes to Good News!

Congrats to the Pope for trying

At the U.N., English to speak…

He proves the adage of Matthew five-five,

The earth is for the teachable meek!

–Jonathan Caswell


(Above Photo of Mrs. (Diana) Caswell taken Memorial Day,2015, by J.E. Caswell)


Using film in a camera for us,

Doesn’t happen fast…

Developing is longer still,

Till autumn shadows are cast.

Memorial Day, last winter

All come tumbling out…

Eight months is just too long to wait

Keeping our life’s hope stout!

–Jonathan Caswell



Something he’s always wondered

And who that he could ask…

Do they keep a record of his browsing time?

Can he get it expunged

Or is it under lock and key

For word press to turn over in time?

It seems to be

A separate log,

From the one in his computer he can touch…

He’s cut down his Reader load

But can he be bestowed

With his records–can it cost all that much?

Now whom should I ask

For that special task

Or am  I on my own?

I’m so busy with the blog

I’ve forgotten how to log

Certain questions with which I’ve become at home!

–Jonathan Caswell



Sky-blue-pink and purple

Bands across the sky…

Darkening in the setting sun,

Soon most light will die.

Tinting things in its light

An intense peachy glow…

No more seeing sun tonight

Untill a rooster’s crow.

–Jonathan Caswell


When Troubles come

O Lord, it’s in your strength I rejoice,

And in your salvation that I’m blessed.

You have answered my hearts desire,

Your ears have heard my soul’s request.

Precious treasures you have given me;

You have wrapped me in a cloak of love.

I cried out from deaths door and you came,

Grace answered with mercy from above.

O Lord, splendor and majesty you bestow;

In your salvation your mighty glory shines.

You have smiled on me, and I am blessed,

It is upon your holy word this child dines.

My old heart now jumps with in me,

I dance like a young boy giddy and light.

I shall not be moved, I trust the Lord,

His love guards me through the night.

I will sing praises of your love and power;

My heart rejoices and my soul is at peace.

In times of great trial, when troubles come,

I’ll rest assured that your love will never cease.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 19 August 2015