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PT = E

PT = E

Poetry Time…equals battery time,

The “E” in the equation above…

Once fully charged and turned on

Th rest is a  matter of love.

Love for one’s readers and the process

That keeps one returning for more…

Chances to post in interesting ways

Ideas in poetic form.

The madness abated–I must go and rest

While waiting the pot to gurgle…

No plagerism allowed around here,

No need for the lazy to burgle!

We’ll say our goddbyes and continue life

Hopefully gaining material…

To give us more things to say

More wholesome than sugary cereal.

–Jonathan Caswell



A bright star in Ohio—


She has a loving family

For which she greatly cares…

Her blogging stories are the best

So long and well-detailed,

Someday I’d like to hear the rest—

Personally regaled!

–Jonathan Caswell

Robin is the blogger of



Transform your minds

From all worldly kinds…

Sexual preference

And worldly reference,

The use of which make you blind.

Blind to the purpose of God,

In fact, what I say is odd…

Why set aside

Our comfort and pride

to serve this jealous God?

Worldly things are corruption,

Subject to frequent eruption

Of new desires

Devilish fires,

Through inner sinful unction.

We all fall short of God,

Through Adam and eve–born flawed…

This inborn sin

Condemns us within,

Isolates us from God.

Only one person cleaned

The slate so we’d be redeemed…

Under the Law

Jesus did all,

In what we couldn’t do…he beamed!

Then willingly paid our debt

Going to the cross, being dead…

We’re dead to our sins

If we die with Him,

In our spirits, making Him Lord and Head.

God resurrected Christ up

After Jesus Christ drank the cup…

Of God’s wrath

To clear the path

For our being in Heaven…to with Him sup!

Clothed in His righteousness,

We can enter before the Father faultless…

Holy Spirit’s a seal

That Salvation is real,

And Sanctification will progress.

Why persecute the godly

Who may look upon you oddly…

Do you realize

They see with God’s eyes

And you’re mocking Him bodily?

–Jonathan Caswell



Received in the mail with delight

My book in a new form to kite…

In paperback,

Slimmer in fact.

And cheaper by far to bite!

For about ten dollars ($10.00 U.S.) a “pop”,

I I’m hoping they sell a whole crop…


There’s a lamp you can rub

To get yourself a fresh minted cop.**

–Jonathan Caswell

* website of my publisher, American Star Books (formerly Publish-America).  My book, entitled: SPIRIT-LED LIMERICKS AND OTHER CHRISTIAN  POETRY, by Jonathan Caswell, is available in regular Softcover, Large Print and Paperback editions.   The Softcover is ISBN # 978-1-4560-9841-4.  The softcover is available at the publishers’ and  Proprietary E-reader additions at and (Barnes and Noble on-line)…So far…the Paperback edition is only available from the publisher.

** cop.  is a shortened version of “copy”  as in copy of my book.



All the boss said was, “computer”

Looking at mine as he rushed out the door…

Did I start mine too early

Or what was that one word for?

I won’t really know until Monday

When both he and I work…

Will i be called on the carpet

Or allowed to continue this perk?

In truth, I’d started too early,

The time was barely past five…

His one word drove me squirrely

Cut by that old guilt trap knife.

Until then I won’t worry,

I know that I’ll keep my job…

But am I in for correction

And cost me time on this blog?

–Jonathan Caswell



Bright  ponies and butterflies,

A lot of meaning lies…

Between these two

But what can you do

For dreams of glad children’s cries?

Now butterfly habitats being skewered

And carnival horses be fewer…

Sheer happiness

Devoid of stress—

Can we blame it on the computer?

Computer games make one think

As suggested attitudes sink…

Deep down inside,

Morals shaped by pride,

Weak armor–ways to find a chink*.

On a carnival carousel,

Thinking doesn’t go so well…

Real simple joys

For girls and boys,

With little manipulation or sell.

Flitting-fluttering butterflies,

How many now gleam our eyes…

Hay fields gone

And the only butterflies on

TV or video…what a surprise?

Simple joys–where did they go,

Are they gone like forts made of snow…

Or time to rest…

In quiet is best…

Only painted ponies know.


–Jonathan Caswell

* chink…in this case refers to an uncovered or weak area in one’s body armor…not a racial slur!



A scary thing happened on the way home,

With radio and high beams on…

The car bounced a little too much for me

And the drive was no longer fun!

Slammed on the brakes on that highway bridge

And went into panic mode…

Til I slowed down, turned the radio off,

Feeling safer on that road.

I didn’t take insulin at supper

Nor test to see if high…

My system was tired, out of whack again.

I paniced and that is why!

–Jonathan Caswell



At ninety years’ old

Aunt Myrt makes the scene…

Being salt and light

Where Diana has been.

When times were rough

In Diana’s life…

You welcomed her into

Your home to be safe.

Our favorite Aunt,

For Diana and me…

You’ve always been kind

Serving Eternity.

We love and cherish

Your mothering ways…

The family members

Whose spirits you;ve raised!

Taking care of your Mom,

Elmer’s, Di’s too…

Describing God-Love

We always think “You”!

Your nintieth birthday:

We all will shout

Of Diana’s three Mothers,

You are cherished–NO DOUBT!!!!

–Jonathan Caswell

BUT WHY?… Carl Gooch

But Why

We can be assured of what we hope for,
We know it will be, though we have not seen.
He has proven time and again His promises,
This is true and has ever since time has been.

But why, why is it so?

Our nature is to seek our way not His;
Ever since our birth we have opposed Him.
We are found chasing what feels good;
Whatever pleases us, not listening to Him.

So why, why does He bless us?

Our Mighty God, who created all things,
Created us, and calls us His blessed children.
He is a forgiving, merciful and loving Father,
Showing His love, despite all we’ve done.

But why, why after all we’ve done?

As we can see our ways are not His ways;
It is not about us being deserving.
It’s about His unconditional love for us,
To try to understand the why is baffling.

Don’t ask why, just draw nigh.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 18 July 2015



Saw her again in a red knit blouse,

And didn’t glance but once…

Discussing work with someone else

Made it a softer punch!

He didn’t glance as she went out,

He just didn’t dare…

Weaning off of her beauty seen

Even if right in front of him there.

He felt accomplishment indeed,

Restraining eyes and heart…

Perhaps one day it won’t even hurt

To know she refuses his art!

–Jonathan Caswell