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We humans love theories,

Arguing over trite queries…

Salvation needs

Done by deeds,

Debaters would whip up furies!

Some adhere to total free will,

Or God has us planned to the hilt…

Clever ruses

Debating who chooses,

Causing the hopeful to wilt.

Whether its God or you.

We still have a choice to do…

Come now decide

With God abide,

Or are you stuck in glue?

–Jonathan Caswell



(or arranged it!)

To say that God cleaned it

Is to say He arranged the act…

There is no doubt that without His clout

I once again would have been smacked.

The on-line guy never called back

So I was left in the lurch…

I asked Pastor for prayer and

He and others prayed right in church.

My neighbor introduced me to the man who

Had been fixing computers a while…

He didn’t upload what I wanted,

But left me with a smile.

He did as he’d normally done,

Cleaned and set things up right…

So now I’m safer with protection besides

And the cost was much less of a fright!

The Lord in His mercy sent someone along,

Of that I am entirely convinced…

If I had gone with my original plan,

The bank account would have winced!

–Jonathan Caswell



I read the New Testament Bible book of “JUDE”, this AM.  Jude was, according to most scholars–or tradition, whichever you wish t follow–the brother of James, the brother of Jesus Christ our (and his) Lord.

What do you do when you are third down the list of importance in your family and you have sisters–trust my observations on this–and someone encourages you to “write something?”

I’ve never experienced this–having no sisters and was the sickly baby in our family of two brothers and Mom and Dad–but think about it.  Technically Jude was 3rd in command, behind James and Joses (see the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 6, verses 2 through 3).  Why wasn’t Joses (or Joseph–the second brother) asked to write something?  The old tale about the middle brother or sister being “forgotten?”…I wouldn’t know!  🙂

So Jude ( the baby in the line of brothers–maybe this makes more sense to me after all!)  is asked to write SOMETHING  for his fellow believers of our Lord and his Elder Half-Brother.  What can he say?

Notice how this simple (?) guy, once he gets going, latches onto the most important point in the life of the Body of Christ…then and now:  false teachers among God’s flock.  Jude, maybe with some coaching (I needed some) combines what he knows with Hebrew tradition (such as the quote of Enoch…otherwise not in the Bible…and the arch-angel Michael disputing over the body of Moses) to make his point:

False teachers are no good and they’ll ruin the witness of the Church and corrupt individual believers to satisfy their own lusts and hunger.  Their fruit, such as it is, comes from the pit of hell and they’ll just as soon drag whomever they can in with them as look at you!

Good job Jude…you’ve hit it on the head for all of us!

–Jonathan Caswell–second son of my own earthly family…

and unworthy servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.



He saw it happening again,

Desiring more than a friend…

Resisting that pull

To pull the wool

Over his eyes and pretend.

At least once a year he goes,

into these attraction throes…

Always one-way

He dare not stay

Too close to a prospective rose.

Happens so often he

Knows eventually…

The “old nature”


Votes for a juicy affaire!

“Resistance is futile,” some say,

But rather just walk away…

Run if you must

From growing lust,

Be true to your beloved night and day.

–Jonathan Caswell




John Hagee preached on diligence,*

Today I’m apt to agree…

I lost my ride, am staying inside

The word fits today to a “T”.

It feels like I have to scramble

And we aren’t referring to eggs…

Pesky details when insurance fails

Have given my effort new legs!

I’m praying a social worker

Perhaps will take pity on me…

Running to help my feeble yelp

And doing so diligently!

==Jonathan Caswell

* Hagee…check out



Praise God for Deborah Grey,

She’d been too long away…

Her phone call

Blesses us all

So thankful for God’s display.

We hadn’t spoken for months,

My wife did write her once…

Told her my story,

To God be glory,

He uses this spiritual dunce.

Knowing the truth made her laugh

WITH ME and on my behalf…

It’s joyful knowing

No one I’m snowing

Nor subject to judgmental wrath!

We talked for nearly an hour,

A wonderful cleansing shower…

This sister close

Deliberately chose

In us to His sweet Spirit pour!

–Jonathan Caswell



Caretaker of his wife, he was

Until amputation thus…

Found care of him

Under her whim,

His ego matured for the cause.

Their life in Christ was in being,

Through His love seeing…

Encouraging souls

Ultimate goals,

Whom they were was in Him succeeding.

Success not a matter of role,

But God’s encouraging the whole…

Definition by deed

It was Christ’s to succeed,

While His children with Him are clothed.

Working this through mortal frames

Is but one of Spiritual aims…

To work His will

Whether healthy or ill,

In Godly mercy and love  Christ came.

Who thus the greater be,

But Christ, Who lives in me…

We are man and wife,

Ransomed for life–

Father God as Daddy!

–Jonathan Caswell