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We humans love theories,

Arguing over trite queries…

Salvation needs

Done by deeds,

Debaters would whip up furies!

Some adhere to total free will,

Or God has us planned to the hilt…

Clever ruses

Debating who chooses,

Causing the hopeful to wilt.

Whether its God or you.

We still have a choice to do…

Come now decide

With God abide,

Or are you stuck in glue?

–Jonathan Caswell



King of kings coming,

The Christian God in hist’ry…

Coming once again!

Love came down to men,

They crucified God;s one Son…

Forgive them, He said!

Learning to live Christ

Kill off self and take on Christ,

God grows within you!

Take on holy Christ,

Be clothed in His righteousness…

The Father sees Christ!

Believe and be saved

From sin’s dark evil spirits…

Walk on in God’s light!

He stands at your door,

He’s knocking on your heart now…

Let Him in and live!

Own up to your sin,

Sin is bad–agree with Him…

Repent and find God!

Going through motions,

Without your soul, is worth nil…

Give soul, mind, body!

–Jonathan Caswell