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(with a surpiise ending!)

Under glowering cloud,

Not enough eaten allowed…

Rather damning

The double whammy

Of which nobody is proud.

Regrets and losses today

Seem greater that they got away…

What can he do

When things are so blue,

Perhaps he can praise it away!

“Count it all joy when you see,

“Temptation,” says James One–two and three….

The trying of faith

Patience vouchsafe,

Will grow the Jesus in thee!

Rejoice–Pililippians Four–four and five–

Be anxious for nothing, you’re alive…

With gentle spirit voice

Always rejoice,

Let the knowledge of God’s provision always drive!

So rejoice in the day of trouble,

Endure and God blesses double…

Each trouble will mature

And with confidence endure,

Popping any unrealistic bubble.

–Jonathan Caswell