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The Lord is our Strength

I say, hold on tight to the Lord;

Do not rely on our own power.

The strength of His promises,

Sees us through our darkest hour.

When the world come against us,

It is easy to surrender to its desire.

What looks so inviting soon will dim,

And we are drawn closer to the fire.

We can not make it on our own,

We must rely on His power and might.

Oh what joy and peace we will find,

Walking with Him both day and night.

We know we can do nothing alone;

So the Spirit brings the strength of God.

And in Christ we can do all things;

He is our source and our measuring rod.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.

(Ephesians 6:10 ESV)

Carl A. Gooch ~ 03 September 2015


Your Prefect Way

You show me the way of truth;

Your word is the light that I follow.

I’ve found that this wicked world,

Is cold, void, empty and hollow.

I vow an oath before you now Lord,

To seek you with all of my heart.

I will study your loving promises,

And of your precepts I will not part.

Without you I have no where to go,

There is no refuge in times of strife.

Without you O Lord I am like the dust,

Reach out your hand and give me life.

Receive my heartfelt offering of praise,

Teach me, O lord, your prefect ways.

Fill me with your rules and precepts,

And help me to follow them all my days.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

(Psalm 119:105)(ESV)

Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 September 2015

CHILD…by Carl Gooch


Child, child, child;

Why is it that you grieve me so?

I see your life and hear your lies,

But the truth I know.

With your lips you say

You want to love and honor me.

But when I look at you, dear one,

That is not what I see.

You only come to me

When it’s my blessings you seek.

Yet when you’re behind my back,

Its curses you speak.

Don’t you understand?

You’re my child, I’ll always love you.

But how much more would you have,

If you would obey too?

I know the glitter

Of this evil world is flashy and bright.

But when temptations come calling,

Call upon my guiding light.

Was it I gave you life?

It was out of love that I created you.

Change your ways and return to me,

And see the blessings true.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 27 August 2015

ALWAYS JUST….by Carl Gooch

Always Just

Arise from your slumber my love;
Come stand by me, my beauty.
Smell the sweet fragrance in the air;
The fruit is ripe it is time to harvest.

Do not hide from me, my dove;
Reveal to me your face so lovely.
Turn to me; shake loose your hair;
I hear your voice speak words of trust.

We are as one, blessed by God above;
I know your heart beats for me.
Spellbound by your beauty all I do is stare.
Wrapped in God’s loving arms is a must.

We are two hearts with one love;
Bound together in serenity.
This has been God’s plan that we share.
And God’s plans are always just.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 18 July 2015



Trusting on being outbid,

Like Israel.s kingdoms did…

Hearing God’s voice


And not on what someone else did.

If giving to God, choose that,

A double-minded fool is old hat…

Don’t wast time

Being put back in line,

The Adversary’s too smart for that!

Dabble in a weakness–he’ll take it,

Thirst or lust–he’ll seem to slake it…

always wanting more

What and whom you adore,

Sooner or later will “snake it.”

–Jonathan Caswell



(Romans 8:25-27; and 2nd Corinthians 5: 15)

A Joseph Prince sermon today*

Taught on how Christians pray…

In deepest need

No words succeed,

The Spirit, Himself, shows the way.

Some use these passages for tongues

(The Spirit’s gift for lungs)…

But rather in prayer

Not getting somewhere,

Groaning is where healing comes.

Jesus in deepest pain

Groaned in His spirit to gain…

From the Father

Wisdom farther,

Strength to glory the Name.

Suffering people groan

As does Creation for home…

To be fitted for

It’s final Restore,

Where a new Earth and new Jerusalem adore.

–Jonathan Caswell

* Joseph Prince Ministries (  broadcast on DAYSTAR TV. See also