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Janet and I were talking,

While Joanne was walking

Out to see

Little Gracie,

While I did the usual gawking.

“Joanne,” said Janet kindly,

“Your suit looks wonderfully…

“Matched in all parts

Your clothing arts,

You’re always a joy to see.”

I easily agreed too,

Joanne know what to do…

Fashion embodiment

By separates’ statement

Of talent with green and blue!

Things independently

Bought are artfully…

Brought together

A visual treasure,

Pleasing to all who see!  🙂

Jonathan Caswell



The wife wanted EFFERDENT,

He wondered where it went?

Bought it and gave

It to her to save,

Its need was evident.

He arose in the middle of the night,

Often did, to set things right…

The stuff as it were

Was hidden for sure,

Effectively out-of-sight!

Rather than wake the lass,

He would, this once , let it pass…

Not really new

But he wanted to

Put some in with her choppers in the glass.

–Jonathan Caswell