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Cats and N scale don’t mix,

Our Mom cat tried to “fix”…

My N scale train yard

Her hind feet pushing hard,

Against track rails well-fixed!

Cat hairs clog up the motors,

And static captures floaters…

Attaching to trees

Down in the leas,

Four-footed cat hair coaters!!!

Cats picking/clawing the ground,

Is where broken track is found…

Trees well-squashed

When kitty’s self-washed,

Why have a cat around???




Maru and Hanna, You tube cats,

Making theor owners’ living with imagined spats…

Simple pleasures each

Worldly cats might teach,

Like how to take uninhibited naps!

Maru likes to fit himself into

Small boxes and mixing bowls for you…

When he is squeezed in

The camera gets a grin,

He climbs out when his camera spot is through.

Hanna tries to get into the game,

Smaller-sized and dignity un-maintained…

Maru does his best

To treat her like a guest

With so far none of his patience drained.

Open-ended drink cartons there,

Maru enters and tries to wear….

Gets it ’round his middle,

Doesn’t he ever piddle,

Oftentimes goes to sleep right there!

–Jonathan Caswell