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(For this year)

Daylight Savings Time,

Your end is locked in rhyme…

The sky will be black

As we drive back,

From a first shift paradigm!

In summer it was okay,

Sunlight would light our way…

But it’ll  be dark

Where the car’s parked,

A flashlight must light our way!

Out in the Mid-West,

Some counties decide which is best…

Indiana and Illinois

Towns have a choice,

Use Standard time or side with the rest (of us).

Depression on average worsens,

This Time change doing the cursing…

Personal sunlamps

Require amps

And deeper pocket incursions.

some don’t like driving at night,

It’s awfully hard on the sight…

Driving by feel

Skill revealed,

The alternative is fright!

Each year we have to relearn

Respect for snow plows that earn…

Salt and sand as well

So one can tell

If the road can support a quick turn.

Driving in dark–semi-blind–

Takes courage of a yearly kind…

But we’ll get through,

What can you do

When the creditor wants their “dime”?

–Jonathan Caswell