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It sounds controversial

For  a Christian to appeal…

To believers of all other gods

To lend their aid and deal…

With the human suffering

Of two major hurricanes

Families of many faiths

Enduring loss and pain!

Even if you have no god,

Please  think good thoughts to heal…

It’ll be a long time  till many folks

Return to an even keel;

This is what my Dad might have done

In his liberal theology…

Reaching out to all concerned

With no apology!

I’ m thinking of a special friend,

A blogger fresh and true…

Known as Holly Hunter

And other Floridians, too;

Her “House of Heart” is quiet till

She survives the storm….

I repeat my concern

For her a colleagues’ love is warm!

To our knees, lotus positions, or however you access the divine—for the sake all storm victims!


A PORTER locomotive,

See the “shield under the cab,

No fire in the boiler

Just a steam pipe power grab…

The boiler’s in the building–

They hook up to recharge,

It was a local industry

That used it by-in-large!

I don’t have specifics,

But it could run compressed air,

Especially ’round ammo

It posed no danger there…

It looks like a steamer

Without a smoking stack,

A little switcher engine

On a local railroad track!

–Jonathan Caswell

A Google Image.


Been blogging for a long stretch

It takes him time to think,

Of what he can be writing

Has water to drink…

Answering the Comments/Likes

He looks forward to do,

but now his body starts to hurt

We think his time is through!

Coming up with things to write

Is getting real hard,

He’s tried to keep an open mind

As an active bard,

His chest hurts–it’s hard to breathe

And feet are going numb.

Maybe (!) it’s time to close up shop

Of this poetic run—

Maybe if he hurts this much,

His blogging time is done!

–Jonathan Caswell


Mashed potatoes in dough pockets

Oft with cheese and stuff,

Given the chance to

We never eat enough…

Normally fried or baked

Or boiled to taste,

I tried microwaving

A decision made in haste!

“Mrs. T’s” perogies

They are a local brand,

With better filling quality

Than the cheaper can…

A box of “Classic Cheddar,”

One-and a half minutes per side,

Of a box that was mostly thawed

An exellent meal provides—

Microwaved the box mostly thawed,

A good meal it surely did provide!

–Jonathan Caswell


What’s a guy to do when

He’s banished from his job,

Because he didn’t know where

to twist a certain knob?

He can spread ice melt off a scoop

If he does it carefully,

Tonight’s shoveling took its toll

But salted walk he sees…

Tonight’s shoveling –he’s feeling old

Out in the snowy breeze!

–Jonathan Caswell


Up where ski centers are

Already lots of snow,

The railroads have to plow it off

To go where they must go…

The highways must be safe to drive

For incoming “green”,

Awful nice to look at

A snowy winter scene—

It’s awfully nice to look at


–Jonathan Caswell


In terms of Chinese cookery,

Yan’s takeout takes the cake,

For using no M.S.G.

And the portions that they make…

tonight order beef chow mien

In a tall plastic tub,

less expensive than another place–

Some times that is the rub!

It helps that they know me

On the phone by voice,

they never ask ” who are you?”

But I tell them by choice…

Their drivers always eager

and sometimes it’s the boss,

A woman that is full of grace

Who rarely seems cross!

Over the years we’ve done business,

The poor meals one or two…

Since “Mrs. Yan” took over

There’ve been very few…

Can’t eat it as often

As I did before,

But when I order Chinese

It’ll be from Yan’s for sure!

–Jonathan Caswell