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She tried her best her way,

He wasn’t ready to play…

Felt he was pushed

Resenting her wish

That he brighten up her way!

He realized he didn’t enjoy,

Hymn-singing when employed…


To break him free,

This tack just made him annoyed!

They were in a dreadful whole,

She said it was his role…

Refusing to pay

Tithe every Sunday,

Their debts took a toll!

He feels it’s her and God,

She says it’s Him with a rod…

Not paying full tithe

Tantamount to a lie,

They have to pay their debts, Oh God!

–Jonathan Caswell

A Hypothetical Poem.



Leave Egypt Behind


Hope For Today

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Are you stuck in Egypt? I have been and not just once but on several occasions. How many times have I sojourned away only to find myself right back in the circumstances I so longed to be done with? And, like the ancient Israelites, I cried out to God, “Don’t you see what I’m going through?” “Don’t you care?” “God, WHERE are You?!” And every time I would leave, I would complain that things weren’t any better on the outside, and although the circumstances in Egypt were anything but ideal, I kept going back because at least I knew what to expect in captivity even if it was spiritually unhealthy. Leaving meant taking a substantial, huge, ginormous, (how many adjectives do I need to use here?!), venture in faith.

One day I was finally tired of yo-yoing back and forth, back and forth, (that and the…

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