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An “RS-1” burbling past,

This freight train through autumn grass…

Past a chap

Who’s in a dream trapped,

Smelling that great exhaust gas!!!

Few RS-1’s haul freight,

This one has met its fate…

Life is hard

In a scrap yard,

For older engines–common fate!

We ran them at “T.T.M.,”

Never a group like that again…

Awkward me

Had a place to be,

No other group like that have I been in.

–Jonathan Caswell

*T.T.M.” stands for the Tioga Transportation Museum, originally out of Flemingville, New York, a couple miles north of Owego, NY.  “Our” freight line–actually Jim Mead’s–was named the TIOGA CENTRAL…similar to the excursion line, and used American Locomotive Company (ALCO) RS-1’s in both passenger and freight service for a while.  😀

This pictured unit ran on what now is the Massachusetts Central Railroad for a number of years during that lines early history…eventually finding its way to New Jersey….

Fashion Choices That Hide Problem Areas


Vine Vera

So you’ve got your dad’s eyes, grandma’s freckles, Aunt Suzie’s infectious laugh, and your mom’s thighs. And though you may never want to trade in your mom, you may sometimes want to trade in your thighs. But so what? Perfection is overrated and that’s what baggy clothes were made for. So things being as they are, let’s talk about the best fashion choices for hiding those problem areas.

Woman with white topCreate Curves On Top
You can draw attention away from your curves by wearing something that adds visual dimension to your shoulder and bust area. It will play up the top of your body while drawing attention away from your hips and thighs. Look for:

  • Horizontal necklines, like boat necks or straight necks. Wrap necklines may slim your torso, but focus attention on your bust.
  • Light colors, like light pink or white.
  • Bright colors, like electric blues, reds, and oranges.Eye-catching details like…

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Discovering a New Fabric Love


Cali & Co

Charcoal Briar 1

Hello, friends!  I told you I’d be back with another knit item!  And I’m rather in love with this one too 🙂  Now, if I had to guess, I would assume that many of you are familiar with the wonders of French terry.  Am I right?  It has been popping up so often in the sewing community over the last year or two, but being the wovens-loving girl that I am, I resisted.  The name threw me off too.  Why would I want towel loops against my skin?  Then I saw that Cali had a selection of rayon French terry fabrics and I do so love rayon.  So, I figured I’d take the smallest of gambles and ordered a yard for a tee.  Side note: Yes! I managed to squeak a full-length Briar Tee out of just one yard!

Trust me when I say, even the nicest of terry towels…

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Shaken down and hard pressed,

There are limits to Word Press…

We varied photons

With covalent bonds,*

Sharing is the most we can mess!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Covalent bonds are where atoms share and combine their electrons to for a more stable molecule.  We bloggers share our stuff with each other, and feel some for your (or my) situations—but can do little more—sorry, that’s just the way things are.

Photons…are essentially packages of light—in our case, images coming off a computer screen!