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Jesus gave His life to give you yours.

Gods Glory

We get confused when God tells us we are free. When God saves us , breaking the chains of sin and delivering us into victory . we assume that we’re than able to live the life we want to. But that’s not the freedom God has released us into. He’s freed us from ourselves and from the sin of the world so that we might live in Hem. He has delivered us to live a life of faith, grounded in Hem, so that we might reap the abundant blessings He intends for us . We must daily surrender our souls and cast aside our will to embrace God’s will . We must rid ourselves of pride and yield our souls to the one who saved us…. and continues to do so.

Psalm 23:3; proverbs 15:33; Proverbs 16:18-20; proverbs 18:25,56; Jeremiah 13:15-17 Matthew 11:29,30; Matthew 18:2-4; Matthew 20:26,27; 2 Corinthians 4:7…

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A great landscape along RN2

pe blog

A great mixture of green vegetation, rocks, blue sky….

Since we were unable to travel as we used to during these past few months, we didn’t have the chance to discover new places. So in the following posts I will share with you a few series of pictures taken during my past amazing trips. Starting with the RN2.

RN2 is the most popular road in Madagascar as a route leading to Toamasina the first port City from the capital Antananarivo. It is about 400kms, and would take 5 hours or so by road, depending on what type of vehicle you drive or take and your trip schedule, whether you make a few or many stops on your way…

The fantastic and various panoramic views along RN2 is so breathtaking. I couldn’t help but shoot a lot of photos!!!

Thanks for visiting… Have a nice weekend !

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Emperor Worship

Valerie Cullers

As we know, many of the Roman Emperors wanted to be considered gods during the time they lived. Julius Caesar was declared a god upon his death, while Augustus allowed people in Asia to build temples to him while he was still living. Emperor worship began with the first two emperors of the Roman Empire. Many times, in order to show your loyalty to the state, a person was required to take a pinch of incense and offer it to a statue of whichever emperor was in power.

I doubt if many of the populace believed their monarchs were gods, and surely those closest to them realized their frailty but emperor worship continued on until the reign of Constantine in the fourth century. We look back and know for certain that those men were not gods and we think of it as part of an earlier time in history but…

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God Help Us


Valerie Cullers

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As everyone knows, we have a Presidential election coming up in a few days. At this point in time, we are hearing dire predictions from pundits on both sides of the political spectrum about what will happen if the candidate on the other side wins. 

Not wanting you to think I am naive, I want you to know that I do think that this is an important election. Perhaps it is the most important election of our lifetime. However, when I hear that people are anxious, that they are not sleeping, that they are pinning their hope on one or the other politician; I want to say, “God help us.”

If we are placing our hope on a politician, let us remember that no matter who that politician is, he is still a man. Let me repeat that, the politician is still a man. That means he is just…

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Of Professors or Prophets…Who Should You Trust?

Valerie Cullers

One of the first classes I took at the University was “After the Revolution, What?” It was an upper level Political Science course taught by one of the Chicago Seven. For those of you who don’t remember, there were seven men – political radicals, who were accused of conspiracy to riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. We were to read the books assigned and talk about what life would be like after the political revolution in America. The books assigned were politically to the far end of the left and the discussions were along those same veins. There was even an exercise you could participate in if you wanted extra-credit. One weekend a prison camp was set up and the students were to be the prisoners who had been condemned by the leaders of the revolution. I chose to skip the exercise as I didn’t want to entrust myself…

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Don’t Trust the Sherpa Completely

Valerie Cullers

In the middle of the Cascade Range in Oregon there is a group of mountains called The Three Sisters. Each one can be climbed, but the level of difficulty is different. The South Sister is supposed to be a fairly easy climb, the Middle Sister is a bit harder and the North Sister is a technical climb, meaning you will need mountain climbing equipment to make it to the top safely.

My husband met a man who took groups up the Middle Sister and he wanted to go again as he had climbed it when he was a teenager. We met the man and he told us what we would need to prepare for the climb. He said, “You won’t need an ice ax or crampons, just good boots. So okay, we were in. 

Several of us went including my back-packing buddy, Ann. It took several hours, but most of…

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Valerie Cullers

Several years ago, my husband wanted to go out in the woods and use his compass to find a lake. We didn’t take a lot of provisions with us or a flashlight because we were just going to hike in and out during the daytime. We also did not tell anyone where we were going; so off we went. Instead of taking the road to the lake, we parked the car a few miles from the lake and my husband looked on his map and took a compass heading. We followed that heading through the woods until we reached the lake. It took a few hours to get in but all in all, it was a successful venture. 

We decided to follow the road back to the car and began to walk. What we didn’t know was that the road forked a little bit north of us, and that…

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Father Knows Best


Valerie Cullers

When I was growing up, there was a weekly television series called “Father Knows Best.”Every week, the mother and kids would deal with a problem. They would wrestle with a solution and then the father would come home from work. He would listen to the problem and then, in his wisdom, would give them a solution. Whether they liked it or understood the answer, the family would follow the father’s advice and things would work out. Lately, the title of this sitcom has been in my mind.

I’ve been thinking about all the prayers I prayed as a teenager. They consisted of a lot of desires; the boys I thought I wanted to marry, where I thought I wanted to go to school, where I wanted to live, etc.; typical teenage girl hopes and dreams.Looking back, I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father did not answer those…

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(each its own or part of the whole)

all trees clap their hands

to their Creator’s cpmmands

the wind God did create


autumn leaves fall off

driven clattering along

dry bones of summer

color fades in death

the dead no cold air they feel

winter for the soul

Jonathan Caswell