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I’m never letting go…


Between the lines

f656a9959ae9fadb09ff69700119718fShe offered me a silver cup filled with hot chocolate and an embrace…“so that you’ll never get lost again on your way home”. And I was lost for words, mesmerized by the sweet feeling of being safe. I stood there, watching her moving around, in her little kitchen, touching the crystal plates with so much care.

“I’m setting the table for a princess. For you. Welcome home.”

I smiled, the world outside was slowly disappearing. I never knew that angels can be so close, I can almost see their wings reflected so beautiful by the shining of the crystal plates. And I’m thinking that all the signs, all the torment, all the emptiness had a meaning.

“You’re the only angel around here. We are just memories.”

I survived through memories, but this makes no sense. How can a memory keep me hopeful and faithful when glory faded away and…

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