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I submitted limericks to THE PENTATETTE** for several years. These are just a few.

It’s raining and snowing together,

The perfect Worcester (Mass.) weather…

But here’s the trick,

It better not stick

With cars driving hell-for-leather!


Blogging of a starlet’s spiral

Downwardly took off viral…

What is stank,

She laughs to the bank

Not caring her story’s hirel.


I once had red hair you see,

But grey, black and bald’s left to me…

My prejudice arose

‘Gainst the men I suppose,

Because anger for me was easy!


In October his Mom died of cancer,

After all this time there’s no answer…

Why he’s not cried

But deep inside

The issue takes more than a glance, sir.


He once knew a family from Douglas

Whose home was practically bug-less…

They sprayed lots of mist

With chemical fist,

Poisoned the dog and went pugless!


**THE PENTATETTE is an on-line and printed newsletter specifically for limericks.  See for details.



A special Valentines Day,

More snow is coming to play…

On hills and dales

That high wind avails,

Whilst we stay inside and sashay!

We have our Saturday dinner,

My wife’s fancy dress a winner…

A Polish feast

For greatest to least,

Ah, community love doth glimmer!

After our repast nightcap,

We ambled home for a nap…

My love and me

Snore peacefully,

In recliners and my C-PAP!

She got a card out for me,

Am I too lazy?,,,

Neither could shop

(Will the snow ever stop!),

Our love is for eternity.

–Jonathan Caswell


T.-G.-I.-S.-! *



Corporate worship

We address…

As the temples

Of the Lord


Faith restored.



You must greet

Our Special Guest…

God the Father

Comes to you

In scripture

And worship too!




God’s love addressed…

Come before

God’s holy throne:

Accept His mercy

For your own!



Clothed with peace

And righteousness…

Gather together

As if one,

Waiting for

God’s own Son!

–Jonathan Caswell

* T.-G.-I,-S….”Thank God For Saturday or Sunday…when we may worship the Lord Most High!   :0)



Roe vs, Wade this year,

With nary a mention or tear…

Pagan presses

Ignoring messes

That they, in part, steered.

Only folks who care

Assert forgiveness is near…

Abortions done

Still have One

Who cleanses the inner fear.

When Christ comes in the air

Taking us home, also there…

Aborted souls waiting

And anticipating

Forgiving that fatal tear.*

Healing comes to within

Acknowledging confessing sin…

Take advantage of

Redeeming Love,

Don’t let the uncaring man win.

–Jonathan Caswell

* the fatal tear(-ing away of life)…forgiveness of the momma who aborted her child, BY THE CHILD SO ABORTED, is an idea expressed by this week’s TV broadcasts of THE GOSPEL TRUTH program with Andrew Womack–which included an interview with a woman who was the survivor of an attempted abortion by her mother.  See



Was this year’s Superbowl fair

‘Cause some footballs lacked air…

I hadn’t known

Each team had their own,

Was some form of sabotage there?

I’d known temperature affects

Air pressure applied to specs…*

News channel surveys

Found little notice made,

Between football suspects.

To say this made advantageous

Patriot play is outrageous…

Even Brady inferred

Full pressure preferred,

But team play, anyway, was efficacious!

–Jonathan Caswell



This long-term staying at home

Husband-wife relations groan…

Comment brings strife

Reconciled with the wife,

Each have their own painful moan.

Conflict resolution takes place

When living close–face-to-face–

Thank God for prayer

Allowing fresh air

And necessary private space!

–Jonathan Caswell



(An opinion)

They say it’s God’s match for you,

A Christian dating view…

Potential mates

Lined up at gates

Once Christian college purview.

A vision of godly life

Enhanced by husband or wife…

Neglecting all

The words of Saint Paul,

Who would save believers great strife.

Loneliness–who can take–

Even for the Lord’s sake…

Flocking in hordes

To marketing words

Whom profits from Christians will rake.

Soldiers ignoring battle,

Preferring a baby’s rattle…

Energy meant

For the Gospel is spent

Acquiring a mate with chattel.

God’s Kingdom is long-delayed

For all the games that are played…

Marrieds aren’t free,

Not used as readily

And whose weakness is more readily displayed.

To some it may seem heartless

To advocate less finding partners…

Matthew 6:33

Is a believer’s key

To making a dent in the darkness.

–Jonathan Caswell



Not wanting to insult my friends,

To their anger I must make amends…

Not making clear

They were without peer,

Without them I’d be at loose ends!

Pardon me if I crawl to my cave,

Trying some discretion to save…

I am just that:

A big spoiled brat–

The worst kind of writing knave.

The ones of whom I wrote will never know

And they too, would angrily blow…

The ungrateful gall

I’d complain at all,

Some observations better off not shown!

Speaking of Man’s common nature,

I seem to elevate my stature…

This sorry young wag

Opened the wrong bag,

Giving proper appreciation its hiatus.

(To my greatest loss!!)

–Jonathan Caswell



Bring up subjects VITAL

To belief may stimulate libel…

From those who see

The attacker is me,

And quickly take up a rifle.

Around here, poetic friends

Don’t start what never ends…

We know where each stands

But no one demands

A duel at dawn or knee bends.*

It’s not to say I won’t act

When questioned or personally attacked…

If the Bible’s misquoted

I will not have gloated,

But pray next time they use more tact.

I split from another fine blog,

‘Cause he or I couldn’t jog…

The others views

And take in the news,

Learned how to fall off MY OWN LOG!

We each choose to be here,

For expression of our crafts so dear…

I know what you are

But really, thus far,

Your way of communicating I’ll cheer.

–Jonathan Caswell

* knee bends…another way of saying to kneel to another idea or concept by choice or being forced to.

CRADLE TO CROSS, by Carl Gooch


What hope is there for a sinner lost?

Only the hope this Child does bring…

The hope of the world comes from

Christ our Lord, merciful King.

In Bethlehem-town quiet and calm

In the heavens a star shone bright…

Then sang angels in a round

Praises to the Lord of Light.

In drafty stable a Child was born

Who’d become our One salvation…

What a lowly birth for the King of all,

Over every tribe and nation!

He was born our sacrifice

From cradle to cross for thee…

Blood and death were sin’s price

He paid so we could live free.

Carl a. Gooch ~ 25 September 2014