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Model a coal-fired power plant,

Environmentalist would say I can’t…

But history shows

There plainly were those,

So let those control hungered rant!

There are power plant advances,

Some environmentalists won’t take any chances…

That it might work,

And so they knee-jerk,

Against all but their own romances!

MY model power plant,

Burns alternative fuels at that…

Efficient scrubbers

Clean air for land lubbers,

Recyclable volumes–giant!

An opinion post—meant to be humorous–but some may find it offensive!  😀

–Jonathan Caswell


Little stone pagodas,

In some garden corners…

Garden protection

By spirit direction.

Not wanting any reformers!

For those who believe,

These little houses conceived…

To spirits open

Gardeners hoping,

Blessing s are on the way!

For Christians, this garden art,

Tempts those who escaped  this part…

Of pagan belief

It is no relief,

Knowing spirits here park!

Some claim these are ornamental,

And we shouldn’t be judgmental…

If one has escaped

Being spirit chased,

Getting rid of these is fundamental!

When I see these—will they be removed?

No–each one chooses spirit truth…

We can pray

You’ll toss them away,

But it is your choice and your roof!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Please note that the subject of this poem is the author’s own opinion—no guarantees that either the provider of the illustration or anyone else believes as I do.  My friends have their own opinions and beliefs. Not everyone may be aware of what these cute stone pagodas represent, which I feel I should point out–then leave the deciding up to each person to decide for themselves!–Jonathan E. Caswell  I still love all you fellow bloggers!  🙂

An Opinion Poem

Image from the Friendly Fairy Tale Blog!



A popular color is “nude”.

Depends on your attitude…

A tan-like beige,

It is the rage,

While others think it should be viewed!

Looking good in the street,

Clothes this color are sweet…

When one is home

And all alone,

THEN accomplish the feat!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Is this too much?)


An ancient postcard emerges,

Prompting history’s dirges…

But look there

At cleaner air,

Except when engine smoke surges!

Today it’s an abandoned line,

The neighborhood isn’t so fine…

On a back street

Likely meet,

Some various crime.

A group wanted to run

This branch for profit and fun…

The winning project–

Walking trails I suspect–

In fact they may be nearly done.

–Jonathan Caswell




When a youngster says, “classic”,

Depends on what they think fantastic…

The more educated

Have anticipated

Styles without plastic!

With ruffles and flourishes,

Classical style nourishes…

Feeding other styles

That borrow for smiles,

Which no one discourages.

Each blogger has a vision

Of what needs displaying revision…

Each works their goals

Fanning  coals,

Affecting blog decisions!

–Jonathan Caswell


Fashionists show,

The front of themselves (oh NO!)…

Pointing to pins

Jewels and hems,

Now, how does this blouse go?

Women need to see,

Their own bodies as healthy…

Accepting shapes–

Breast and waist–

And yes–sometimes men’s revelry!

Especially, does this fit,

Is it too ornamented, to wit…

Does anything

Show through distracting,

How well it this skirt with it?

–Jonathan Caswell

Will Mrs. “C.” do cosplay?


Cosplay—the playing of parts,

Dressed-up  in costumes d’arts…

Resistance she claims

She’s in with the dames,

Who want Trump cut into parts!

Will she in her cosplay, dress,

As a female Che  Guevera, I guess…..

A camo “two piece”

Would shock at least,

Her lovely hair a mess.



A Chinese man–maybe it’s true–

Said rice is the bulk of menu…

Sauces are nice

To soak up the rice,

My lobster sauce shoes it is true!

–Jonathan Caswell


After her denture wax fitting,

She wanted some coffee to go…

Got to the drive through and noticed

An adjacent car wash and so…!

Took a few minutes to figure out

How to turn the thing on…

Flashing signs on the side helped,

The unit then sprayed on!

Went around the building again

For coffees–mine iced–

Bought two Boston Cream donuts for us,

At Honey Dew Donuts  they’re nice!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Honey Dew Donuts is a local donut and coffee shop chain.


She enters to teach English,

Which her pupils need to exist…


Is a mess,

If one misses the gist!

Dedicated to Barbara Cohen, my friend and fellow teacher!

–Jonathan Caswell