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Change Therapy

We had a really nice summer this year, and with it the opportunity to get outside more than usual, as more people were mixing outdoors again. Working in collaboration with the well-known charity, Get2gether, I offer Mindfulness Walks in the Edinburgh area, and these have proved very successful.

We have visited the beach at Portobello in June, and everyone really enjoyed a couple of hours of mindfulness meditation, talking, and meeting new people. The added bonus of a free ice-cream helped soothe the sore feet from walking too!

The next Mindfulness Walk was arranged for mid August at The Thistle Foundation in Craigmillar, Edinburgh. Get2gether have their office within this beautiful building, and have access to the gardens at the rear, where we had some quiet time together.

Starting off with a discussion on Sundials and how time came about, set the scene for some very interesting viewpoints on…

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The Traveling Gingham Frock — fashion with compassion

Niagara-on-the-Lake Gingham, always in style and a favourite of mine because it brings back the happy memories of my childhood, living in a house with a pink gingham kitchen. I decorated the kitchen of our first home with red gingham; it looked like a cozy little Italian café. This little black and white gingham frock […]

The Traveling Gingham Frock — fashion with compassion

The Delightfully Bizarre Unofficial McDonald’s Museum — Atomic Redhead

Before McDonald’s was the global icon it is today, it was a humble barbecue joint in San Bernardino run by two brothers from New Hampshire. While their first location is no longer standing, it lives on at the First Original McDonald’s Museum, also known as the Unofficial McDonald’s Museum. 1,751 more words

The Delightfully Bizarre Unofficial McDonald’s Museum — Atomic Redhead