Lord, You call us to return to You. — Learning From God’s Word

Lord, You call us to return to You: ‘Seek the Lord while He may be found…’ (Isaiah 55:6-7). No one seems to be listening. What are we to do? Help us to remember Your promise: ‘My Word will not return to Me empty’ (Isaiah 55:11). We do not see all that You are doing. You […]

Lord, You call us to return to You. — Learning From God’s Word

How divorce affects children



Growing up with both parents is a blessing, but what is like for a child to grow up with a single parent?

When getting married you do not think it will last 1. month or 5 years but ”till death do us part”, but there are some parents who decide to break the vow sooner. There are a lot of reasons why the parents divorce. When the marriage come to an end the parents are now fighting for the custody ( well, some of them).

Which are the effects of divorce

I will say the first 6 months – 1 year is the most difficult time

The kids might suffer anxiety, distress, anger, abandoned, and can have suicidal thoughts (depends on their age).

There is a huge emotional impact on young children, they can blame themselves about the situation, or they may think that the parents are not loving them.

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True Happiness is Internal


The other day when I was texting a friend, I noticed how impatient and grumpy I felt when she didn’t reply and get back to me. There were similar instances with other people wherein I felt irked the same way. However, it made me wonder why my happiness is dependent on external factors. And, ultimately, just how wrong this is!

We haven’t actually ever been taught to look inside of ourselves. Our worlds are not exactly set up to help us discover our personal boundaries in pursuit of growth, and we are therefore encouraged to cling onto external events in the hopes that we will be happy after, and with the hopes that they will calm our troubled hearts and minds. But quite fortunately enough, true happiness can be found within us.

Internal happiness is when our happiness is influenced by our own realizations, mindsets or thought processes. The weight…

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Refreshing perspectives

deep but true!

Being Aware

Sometimes all you need is a different perspective or you may be you already had those perspectives those ideas but somewhere they are not very visible to you. Here I am talking about the recent experience I had about the most crucial and beautiful perspectives about acceptance or may be freedom or natural or may be what we call as normal. And that beautiful perspective is

Everyone has some or the other special need

I was in a workshop last day and the workshop was about special educational and counselling processes in our organisation for which we used the method of appreciative enquiry. We were devised in groups and Every group had to share their experiences in past 2 months about the same..

One group started their discussion with “everyone have some special needs ” and the discussion continues with thoughts like that we only have special needs when we…

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Amazing 2 years blogging 🎉🎈🎇

happy birthday!!!!!

pe blog

2 Years already!!! I can’t believe it !!!

I still remember my first post “the journey begins” that I published unintentionally by hitting the button. I was very new at blogging and I was trying to be familiar with the platform WP. I realized a few minutes later that it was already published on the reader. I didn’t know how to remove it. And with too much confusion, I made the same mistake twice. That’s why you can see on my blog that my two first posts are similar with just two words or so. I decided not to cancel them though. They became the starting line for me and allowed me to assess myself and see how much I have learnt or achieved.

First Blogiversary 🎉🎈🎇

I know I would not be here now without my valuable readers, followers and friends. So, I’m truly thankful…

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