The Larger than Life Sculptures of Desert Christ Park — Atomic Redhead

In the hills of California’s high desert sits an odd sight, a collection of massive, white washed statues of Jesus and his followers, including a ginormous interpretation of the Last Supper. 568 more words

The Larger than Life Sculptures of Desert Christ Park — Atomic Redhead

Animal Print and Polka Dots — fashion with compassion

Pattern mixing is easy and safe with a monochromatic look. The gray and white subtle zebra and leopard print top compliments these gray and white polka dot capris. And to complete the outfit, I wore gray sneakers with white polka dots, a casual look for home and garden while visiting my oldest son and his […]

Animal Print and Polka Dots — fashion with compassion

Invented Poetry Forms — The Singsangsong

Paul's Poetry Playground

Wow! It’s hard for me to believe but it’s been over two month since my last post on an invented poetry form, so I guess it’s time for me to do another one. Today I will discuss the Singsangsong, a form I invented which is an eighteen line poem consisting of six stanzas. The lines can be metered or notand have no fixed lengths (the length of each line can vary within the poem). The stanzas alternate between couplets (two lines) in which the first line repeats as the second, and quatrains (four lines) in which all four lines rhyme with each other (a monorhyme). The first line of the quatrain also repeats as the fourth line (and in case of the final quatrain, the third line as well). In other words, the singsangsong’s rhyme scheme can be expressed (with capital letters representing repeated lines) as AA BbbB CC Ddd

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Naglar: svart/turkos + Nycklar: svart/rosa


Yolanda - "Det här är mitt privata krig"

Jag kände för att vara lite extra kreativ, så att det blev den här “designen” även på tånaglarna.

Jag passade dessutom på att märka nycklarna. På bilden ser det ut som ögon och en stora näsa, haha.

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Watching over our Human

How to Train your Humans

Our Can Opener burned her thumb and three fingers this morning so Sushi and I are babysitting her-

It was this morning while she was making breakfast for the critters. She has been hurting all day and has seen the doctor because she has white patches and missing skin on her fingertips and down the length of her fingers.

We’ve been trying to help her ever since this morning and she has tingling and numbness in her fingers and partly up her elbows.

She is having a hard time doing things and her thumb and fingers are swelling – luckily the big Critter was here also and she jumped into action abs helped the Human with the things Sushi and I can’t do. She helped a lot with Lily, and kept the dishes washed all day and made our Human feel a lot better.

The doctor said she had second…

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“… of stillness”

Suzette B's Blog

Image credit: ako / Twenty20

“Think of a wave: it washes onto the shore, and then it rolls back. Likewise, each of your activities has a [side] of stillness. To be with people, you must be alone. To listen, you need silence. To exercise, you need rest.. surrender to …these essential actions.”

Vironika Tugaleva

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In This Moment

No Half Measures

In this moment, I come as I am and I speak of courage and I give the gift of my truth.

In this moment, I come as a daughter and I speak of remembrance and I give the gift of inter-dependence.

In this moment, I come as a wife and I speak of vows and I give the gift of loyalty.

In this moment, I come as a pilgrim and I speak of my destination and I give the gift of faith.

In this moment, I come as an advocate and I speak of hope and I give the gift of safety.

In this moment, I come as a mother and I speak of life and I give the gift of acceptance.

In this moment, I come as a woman and I speak of worth and I give the gift of support.

In this moment, I come as a white…

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#17 Un viejo espejo…

Por: Elvira González.

Lilian y Charles, ya en la habitación, festejaron con cada roce de sus dedos la decisión sobre girar el rumbo de sus vidas, mudarse al encantador lugar, él tendría una exitosa clínica dental, estaban por encontrar la casa de sus sueños, se casarían en el pueblo que los sedujo en la primera visita, pero esa noche el sentimiento de amor en perfecto equilibrio con la pasión ardiente que los invadía, se expresó con los labios, comiéndose la boca a besos, después de haberse unido en un abrazo, él en una hábil maniobra, rodeándola por la espalda, le fue desprendiendo de las capas que cubrían su suave piel, besaba su estilizado cuello, los hombros, sus manos con delicadeza, pero gran sabiduría avanzaban auscultando hasta los alrededores de su área torácica, el abdomen, cada rincón, parecía un ritual entre ellos, ella suspiraba correspondiendo, se les fueron las horas provocándose…

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Swiss Sunday


A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.

It’s Sunday morning and my thoughts drift to a relatively small country in Europe. I’m suddenly surrounded by a perfect landscape. I’m wandering in The Alps. Sailing across the lakes. Sat amongst the alpine flowers in rolling wild meadows. Breathing in the crisp mountain air. Listening to the peaceful sound of church and cowbells ringing along the steep valleys.

I’m back again in Switzerland.

Our last actual visit was back in 2015. A lot of life has happened since then. Our family has changed. I have changed. Hawklad is now a teenager. But we still want to travel back here. It means so much to us.

Time to dream. Time to dream about what is still to come. I’m smiling. Are you.

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