Dreams amid a Raw Deal



They had a will to know,
what was my aim, in which sector.
Without even thinking for a while,
I heard myself murmuring ‘A doctor’.

I didn’t know why ‘A doctor’,
when they desired to know.
For I was just a kid,
figuring out how to glow.

As I slowly started to grow,
my aim was still the same.
Since I had a will to go,
where I could have a fame.

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Teacher as Transformer

Dominant groups control the conversation, excluding those who disagree. This is exacerbated with social media. It is difficult enough to present one’s  ideas through civil dialogue, let alone in 240 characters, in a Facebook post, and even on a blog. This raises interesting and eloquent questions about how we bring about meaningful, equitable, and sustainable change. How do we encourage others to come into the light and share their stories from the margins? How do we include the most vulnerable in our communities by making ourselves vulnerable? Each day, humans, with little, reveal courage as they engage a world that seemingly turns its back on them each day.

It is not enough to tolerate and merely see differences. We need to recognize them as we enact tranformational and sustainble change, closing the gap between those without by holding out a hand to help lift them up. This take acts of…

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He’s never actually said, er,

who were imaged in his blog header…..

sudden surprise

he realized,

he could be a good tidings spreader! 😀

Only those who have given approval,

some asked removal…….


in this randomized

behoove all!

blogging over the years,

many move on and wears……

them left behind

are more than kind,

to we who keep on right here!

Jonathan Caswell


Two lady bloggers added,

To the rotation padded……

Samantha in brown–

Carmen’s sitting down—

Both to be applauded! 😀

Jonathan Caswell

Samantha’s blog is: https://thebighairdiaries.com

Carmen’s blog is at: https://fashionableover50.wordpress.com

visit and get to know then both! (other blogs to follow!)

Better Than Coffee Energy Bars, 100mg Caffeine (Sample Pack, 4 flavors, 4 count)



When I read about these bars, I figured ‘Worth a try’.  Working out each day, I always have a little caffeine in the morning, before killing it in the gym.  The Better Than Coffee Energy Bars, 100 mg Caffeine sounded new, and different for me.

The flavors are:

  • ‘Dark Chocolate & Coconut: Our original flavor. Intense notes of 70% organic dark chocolate, lightly sweetened by coconut flakes.
  • French Roast: Rich notes of dark roast coffee give way to undertones of 70% organic dark chocolate. Robust, bittersweet flavor ideal for coffee lovers.
  • Dark Chocolate & Cranberry: Perfect balance of strong cranberry complemented by our 70% organic dark chocolate. 
  • Dark Chocolate & Mint: Our hallmark 70% dark chocolate with a minty twist that lingers on the tongue.’

As I had never had anything like this before I figured I would start off with a quarter of a bar.  I only weigh 110 lbs…

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16 ounce Hills Bros Cappuccino for $2.83



Yes, this 1 lb. tin of coffee for only $2.83. I couldn’t believe the price, so waited until I got my 2 items. They are big, not like those small containers you see in the supermarkets, for a similar price. The flavor is English toffee, which of course I love. I didn’t run through the other flavors to see what others they have, but wanted to share it with you. I believe it’s an error, so click on the link below, and order immediately. I am sure they will change the price, or they will be out of stock.

I am not an affiliate, and don’t get anything for letting you know. I just wanted to put a lot of coffee in your cupboard.

This was supposed to be the link, so I am hoping that my clicking on it you will succeed.


Link in next post.

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2 months of free coffee – and you can get offers like this too.



I wrote previously about joining Fetch Rewards, and ‘Thank you for the people that signed up’ that got me more points.

Not only can you get free gift cards, but also offers, such as above. This is what I got via email: ☕ 2 months of FREE Panera coffee. I just had to sign up from that email.

We don’t have a really close one, but will be in that area once a week, to take advantage of it.

Turn your grocery receipts into gift cards with Fetch Rewards. It’s super easy. Just click the link below and you’ll get $2 in points when you snap your first receipt. https://fetchrewards.onelink.me/vvv3/referralsocial?code=XNKA3

If I can get 2 people to sign up, I will get either 2 $5, or 1 $10 gift card of my choice. Doesn’t cost you anything, and if you get friends/family to start scanning receipts you get $2 each…

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