Primark Haul


Chloe Cecilia Goes Couture


I’ve put up a video on my YouTube channel showing off all the clothes I got from Primark the last couple of times I’ve been and thought I’d write a blog post to offer a bit more information on what I picked up.

imageBlouse: £6

This gorgeous white sleeveless blouse would look perfect with high waisted shorts or a skirt. The frills down the front are definitely on trend and this creates a perfectly classy, beautiful look. The short sleeves with frilly edge are really feminine and I can think of so many outfits to put this blouse into.

imageJeans: £9

I’ve been searching for so long for the perfect pair of white jeans that aren’t too see through or wide, particularly round the ankle. This pair from Primark are perfect and their gorgeous high waist is extremely flattering; I’ve never found jeans from Primark that suit me before but…

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Watermelon T-shirt from Aliexpress


Shop Beauty Babe

I swear I felt in love with this one as soon as I saw it. There are many other models in the product’s description box and I actually liked another one, with bananas on it, and I was thinking to order them both, but in the end, I decided not to buy it.

I wanted to test the quality at first and only after that to buy more if I liked it. Guess what? I loved it and I am wearing it very often because it fits so well with other pieces of my wardrobe collection. I just like to call it that, the truth is it’s in progress for now 😛

Anyway, if you are curious how it looks on me and how I decided to wear it, be sure to continue reading 😀

Delivery info: 31 March – 03 May (Romania)

Price: 4.87$ (approx 20 RON) at…

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Tuesday Treat n.16


Miss Édith Pavot

This week’s Tuesday Treat is all about flowers! I choose three items I liked a lot and they happened to feature all floral prints!

lady v

I’ve always had a thing for poppies, I don’t know why but I love them a lot. I even choose to have one in my name! The Black Poppy Hepburn Dress by Lady V London would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe and a great spring dress for every pin up. The fabric features lot of flowers in vivid colours, poppies and cornflowers, plus berries and butterflies. I love the Hepburn dress! It’s a great style and really versatile. Perhaps it could be a little too long on me but I can hem it a bit. The dress is available in sizes 8 – 12 and 20 – 26/28 and costs £ 50.


This is another print I really love and I’m pleased to see…

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