A Caswell kind of a day,

At least for me, anyway…

Lost the pie shells

And stamps as well,

Found the cell phone–Hooray!

Found the shells where I’d put them,

In the freezer oriented different…

Then last time

And took a while to find,

At least I was running consistent!

Made blueberry pies–a treat–

Open-faced–no covering sheet…

Pie storage diminished

The older we finished,

Of the new ones, which first should we eat?

Jonathan Caswell



WSJ article about the decision to eliminate the swimsuit part of the beauty pageant. https://www.wsj.com/articles/miss-america-organization-split-by-metoo-era-swimsuit-decision-1531047601 Lots of great comments: (One of my favorites) “Developed western countries are no longer replacing their populations, so busy are we with running away from procreative sexual attraction, while busily inventing non-reproductive imaginary genders comprised of women who hate […]

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Clash of trends… with both the Spanish influence top and the gingham skirt. #demimondestyle @hautehousefashion Outfit: Navy and white striped wrap top from Paper Closed, featuring balloon draped sleeves, worn with sky blue and white gingham midi skirt. Shoes: Navy snake print pumps. Hair: Worn down and pinned back with two pearl accented bobby pins. […]

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God is calling us to be faithful to Him.


Learning From God's Word

Nahum 1:1-2:9
‘Fulfil your vows’ (1:15). God is calling us to be faithful to Him. We are to be faithful in worship. We are to be faithful in reading His Word. We are to be faithful in prayer. We are to be faithful in giving. We are to be faithful in witness. Our faith is to be real. Our faith is to make a difference. It’s to change the way we live. It’s not to be a case of ‘faith without works’. That kind of ‘faith’ is ‘dead’ (James 2:17). Our whole life is to be a life of faith. It is to be a life of ‘love’. We are to live ‘for the glory of God’ (Romans 14:23; 1 Corinthians 16:14; 10:31). ‘Fill Thou our life, O Lord our God, in every part with praise… Not for the lip of praise alone, nor…

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