Reblog of…”To get to you” (House of Heart)

House of Heart

In this dream  my arms
are the branches of trees
and you  my  nourishment.
Cut me down to a boat.
My  spine is a sturdy keel,
my hair  unfurled sails. 
A lighthouse is my only lamp
for the stars have fallen into 
your hands.
If the sea does not capitulate,
red sails are  cast into a cleft
too wide  for me to cross,
I was trying to get to you.

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One Hell Of A Bookish Month!


Didi Oviatt

So much bookishness has happened with me in the month of October. I was sitting here staring blankly at my computer today, struggling to pull a little bit of write-spiration to the surface, when it hit me… You know, I could probably get away with taking the last two days of this month off because after all, it’s likely been the best bookish month I’ve had all year!!

First off, every single one of the books I’ve read and reviewed have been Fantastic!  So much so that I’ve given the last five books on my read-roster either a 4 or 5 star review, and the last three have all been FIVES!  I think this is some kind of record. Insanity! This never happens, it’s been an excellent reading month, if you want to check out the reviews here they all are:

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Always inspiring – Rensselaer Model Railroad Society


Sn2 Modeler

zzzRMRC Image pulled from 3D walk through of Rensselaer Model Railroad Society layout

In my youth and college days I was always inspired when I saw an article by one of the Rensselaer Model Railroad Club.  No, they do not model the SR&RL, Maine 2-Foot, not even narrow gauge.  But they were a at the forefront of proto-modeling.  The put believable modeling first….I watched that Allen Keller Video again and again….

Today, I encounter link to a 3D walkthrough of the layout:  Rensselaer Model Railroad Club in 3D.  It brings brought back the memories.  Still looks great.  Is holding up to the test of time.

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