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Reconciliations generally

are rarely successful for me…..

Have I gone too far

I figured on the jar,

Hitting me eventually!

Will she a return choose

We have not heard any news…

Relief on my face

Will be hard to replace

Best head trays are gone

Serving people move on,,,,


Will she speak to me?

Am I scientifically…

Primed to respond

From across the pond,

Her returning a great MAYBE!

Jonathan Caswell

Don’t Starve Yourself


So in the past few days,
I took a break from my ways.
Although in the eye,
I waited few moments to stand by.
You know, like a break.
Maybe sit down and in rest partake.

But when you're posted at the line of control,
You can't snooze two days and not patrol.
Because you see, the adversary...
is fluent in warfare, his level is not nursery.
He's just waiting to devour.
A moment of weakness and he'll overpower.

I didn't wear the armour.
Just sat there like a helpless farmer.
Almost believed the lies.
From the lord of flies.

Why spend time or money for what is not bread.
You can't get nourishef if on lies you're fed.
Eat what is good.
Don't starve yourself of spiritual food.
Delight yourself in the Word in abundance.
He never gets tired of feeding His children or your over-indulgence.

Enter into His…

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What happens if you don't eat, an entire meal, not just meat? You'll feel hungry and disturbed. Unable to concentrate on tasks, perturbed. What if you skipped every meal? Do you know how you would feel? Not just an unhappy stomach, but even your mind will begin to plummet. As nice as you're known to be. You'll become a different story. You may feel lost, as your pressure begins to drop. My spirit was almost lost. Away in the freezer, food in frost. Unable to fully quash, the lies of that realm, a bit lost. Didn't wander too far away. Still, the white, it made grey. Not enough to stain it black. Because I did cut me some slack. Just some minor attacks. But, I'm ready to come back. Don't like feeling lost. So I follow the way of the cross. All my energy, I didn't exhaust. Still, enough to…

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Valid Grace for an Invalid Race — God’s Grace ~ God’s Glory!

(Repost from 2011) Two months ago I called my nephew for an update on my brother who was in ICU, following an emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder.  After a second surgery to stop his hemorrhaging, the surgeon told my nephew, “One of his systems is shutting down (they did not know which one, and […]

Valid Grace for an Invalid Race — God’s Grace ~ God’s Glory!

Yay, 1,000 Followers Thanks to You!


Unique Times

Woke up to this yesterday morning with a grateful heart.

Congratulations on getting1,000total follows onUnique Times!Your current tally is 1,001.

1,000 Follows!

1,000 followers begins with a single word and continues to flourish because someone believes in you and supports you. And that would be all of you talented writers, artists, photographers, friends, clients, etc. I am humbly grateful to ALL OF YOU for reading, commenting and sharing my work.

Thank you so much!!!!!

Thanks Thank You GIF by GIPHY Cares

When I saw that I was so close at the end of the year I was elated to finish strong with 1 k. It is symbolic of me staying true to my mission even when the world changes course and direction. It wasn’t a goal until 2 weeks ago when I realized I was coming close and Ero said ” It would be great way to finish the year at 1 k”. I reached…

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