Sorting out his N scale collection,

Prospects of introspection…

What will sell

He can’t always tell,

But gropes along in his direction.

Aiming to cull out as much,

As many items as unclutched…

Emotional ties

Became his surprise,

No part of the collection untouched!

Competing visions at work,

Massachusetts and Western New York…

Favorite lines

In both he finds,

But New England is where the layout is parked!

Jonathan Caswell


Happy Newest Year … A re-introduction


love isn't something you find. love is something that finds you.

Hello, Sunshiners!

I have been remiss. I would like to apologize to those who have followed me long and new and sit down to scroll through the never-ending posts to locate mine. If you are here I thank you, beyond and over, and over and again. I will post new art every other day.  My daily grind has become mildly overwhelming, though, there will be no new day without posts.

My love has diminished none.

This month will be my “let there be light” series. A few rediscoveries have emerged. Life is not perfect, we shouldn’t pretend, but know, in each kernel of being LIGHT emerges and become her friend. 

Welcome to 2019 my good friends. You are my people. I am yours. May we greet each day with love, in ourselves and humanity, gaining strength through the power of kindness, humility, understanding….it will be okay, we will be okay…

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Loving Cream Dressing!!


Donna Does Dresses

Summer Loving:

As a petite woman, I am aware that the wearing of all one colour assists with giving the illusion of height and slimness.

I’ve worn a lighter Indian cotton voile top with flutter sleeves that has a beautiful lace insert and nicely embroidered edging.

When it’s high summer and hot in Australia it’s nice to have something cool to wear that also has pretty details:

I love the boho vibe of this outfit, although I still like a tailored aesthetic, so I paired the pretty top with a fitted darker shade skirt:

I wore the same coloured sandals as the skirt and my pretty lace embroidered bag completed the look along with the long necklace:

When I wore this outfit out yesterday I had three different complete strangers make lovely comments about how nice it was, which was just so nice!

I’m also loving the little peplum on…

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For the love of Joseph Ribkoff dresses … 😉🤗😸


Donna Does Dresses

Feminine, edgy fun …

This Jospeh Ribkoff dress is one with a difference.

It has a nice edginess that gives it a youthful, fun vibe:

The print is very on-trend as it is medium to large and is a graphic floral.

It is in a navy, black and white which makes the dress fresh and fun.

Sleeve me up:

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts you will already know that I prefer to be covered, for a number of reasons – modesty, sun protection and body confidence issues.

The three-quarter sleeves of this dress manage these concerns very well, and yet it is still not too hot to wear on a warm summers day!

Keeping it Comfy:

The cut and fabric of this dress make it wearable and comfortable – in fact you can actually move around in it, which makes it perfect for any number of…

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Retro Dress that makes you see spots before your eyes!! 🧐😘🤩😎


Donna Does Dresses

Summer cotton coolness …

I love these long, warm summer days.

We are lucky to live in a very mild climate here in South East Australia.

With a fitted, pretty-shaped bodice and waistline this dress gives a feminine and flattering shape.

The print is classic mid-century polkadots mixed with new millennial chic floral that offers interest and beauty to the eye.

Colour me in:

I’ve worn this dress with pink/coral cardigan and shoes but there is also purple in the dress and it could very easily be worn with purple accessories, or even black and still be ultra-cute!

I love the soft movement of the skirt as it is cool and feminine!!

Pretty pleating:

These pleats curve beautifully around the figure, which I just love.

Thank you for joining me in my little corner of the web today!!

Please leave a like, follow or comment on this post or you…

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