Thursday’s Doors~ Creative Foundations (new angle), #1 view



Located on South Sandusky Street,

we three “girls” included the

two youngest granddaughters.

They rushed me a bit as we were

heading back North from bank

and this building, to get to the

Hamburger Inn.

They had “planned out” their

breakfast choices and when I said

“Wait! I need to take a picture of

this set of doors!” there were a few

verbal protests, but I told them

I would let them suck on their

“bank lollipops,” they acquiesced.

Then, as a bonus for my fellow

door blogging friends and

special guests and visitors,

I told them they could stand under

newly hung sign and be on my blog~

the girls were definitely “angels!”

*Please see next post!*
This set of doors enters an art gallery,

workshop and gathering place for

adults with disabilities. They were

Not inside today, since we were

rather early for a Saturday.

My friend and…

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Flamenco and the Sitting Cat: a video intro to my novel by da-AL


Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

“Flamenco & the Sitting Cat” is a twelve-part serialized adult general fiction literary novel I’m writing. The transcript of this video about “Flamenco & the Sitting Cat” is underneath it. Its sequel is, “Tango & the Sitting Cat.”

Among the events that inspired me to write it is how, when I was growing up, my mom often supported the family. Given that between my parents and me, we were from three different countries, my earliest memories have to do with questioning how gender and culture shape us.

By the time I turned forty, I had won a number of journalism honors. Among them was an Emmy nomination and then an Emmy award for documentaries that I produced on social issues. That year that I turned forty, I married a wonderful man who added yet another country to my family’s mix.

I regard my life as a series of ongoing ‘coming…

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Cancer’s 3 Blessings by da-AL

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Holidays and increased pandemic restrictions got you down? Hopefully, this tale of hardwon positivity will give you a boost to “keep calm and carry on.”

Cancer's 3 Blessings by da-AL

I’ve always been a writer, but before I became a novelist, I was a journalist. Years ago, a non-profit agency that helps people deal emotionally with cancer hired my business partner and me to produce a video. The afternoon we were to tape a talk-therapy group, I braced myself.

Turns out, these were no mere survivors. They were warriors committed to squeezing all the wonderfulness from every moment they had left. Those people, sick as they were, regarded cancer as a blessing.

To my mind, they were kidding either themselves or me. Nonetheless, the tears I shed behind my camera lens gave way to smiles by the session’s end. Their stories, to my amazement, had uplifted me. I left certain they were made of far sterner…

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Posts that have to do with our everyday experience

Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. Confidence gets rid of fear and negative thoughts. Self-confidence is believing in yourself and your abilities. Without self-confidence, you cannot achieve your goals and dreams, without self-confidence, you cannot be successful and without self-confidence, people won’t take you seriously. Self-confidence is in degrees or steps and it is up to you to improve it.

In this article, I am going to share with you one of the ways of boosting your self-confidence and that us through goals and dreams. You see, everyone has goals and dreams but not everyone has the gut to fulfill them which also makes them to lose their self-confidence because they don’t believe in themselves and their abilities.

There is this sense of joy, happiness and self-love that comes when you don’t just set goals but also work…

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Languages: ters1236, schi1234, hind1273


Operation X

Written by Dyami Millarson

Curious what ters1236, schi1234 and hind1273 mean? These are Glottocodes that stand for the following languages: Terschelling Frisian, Schiermonnikoog Frisian and Hindeloopen Frisian. We studied these languages in 2018 as part of our Operation X mission for the spreading of linguistic awareness about the undeniable scientific fact of the diversity of Frisian; in the process of studying these languages, we became convinced ourselves that these are not varieties or dialects but languages in their own right and we discovered that the speakers were also convinced of this fact. Adapting to the linguistic reality that we encountered among the language communities in 2018, we studied aformentioned languages as a language family. While the three languages were included as independent languages in the bibliographic language database of Glottolog 3.4 which came out in April 2019 as a result of the aforementioned findings that were also reported by…

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Avni's Bookshelf

sometimes all I do is dream about things that might never exist-
and I get so caught up with that thinking
that I forget to appreciate things that do exist
and that are beautiful too

avni 🌻

have a beautiful day!

p.s. remember the blue sky ☁️

also – reminder: these are my poems, so they are copyrighted. I have a copyright notice at the bottom of my blog. Do not plagiarize, it’s illegal and wrong. thank you 💞

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Thankful for all that I do,

Including of course—YOU….

My wife and I

Raptured will fly,

Caught up by CHRIST—how about you?

Grateful for family,

Hers and mine naturally…..

Brothers, sisters in CHRIST

Some family twice,

those who believe as we!

Yes–for sunshine and food—

and positive attitude…..

For those who care

the best anywhere,

With humble servitude.

Thankful we are for our GOD,

Whose shoulders amply broad…..

Bear us aloft

And took sin’s cost,

giving us joy—Him we laud!

Jonathan Caswell