Mammogram time, so heading for the crushing machine.



Up until age 65 I had a mammogram every year.  That was a good thing, as I had a lump removed from my right breast around 15 years ago.  I now go every 2 years, but do self exams, and have my female G.P. do an annual check for me.

Because of the lump, instead of 4 times in the machine, I am lucky enough to be crushed 8 times.  This is much better than having to go a second time, which did happen in the past.

After that I have my bone density test, which I am very happy to have done.  This is just laying still on a bed, while the technician takes the scans.  Hoping it is just as good as 2 years ago, as I love that I reversed osteoporosis.

Ladies, no you get your regular checks?

Photo: Pixabay.

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Ground beef, minced meat, or hamburger?



I was in a local supermarket today, and saw that they had ground beef half price.  It was on sale, and not clearance, so the color was good.  I bought this along with a few other items, and then went to the checkout.

The cashier put my items in one bag, and then the raw meat in the other one.  I took the first lot of food, and put it in my cart, but couldn’t reach the second one.

The gentleman behind me said, “Don’t forget your hamburger”.  I thanked him, and the cashier handed me the bag.

In England we always called it minced meat, as it had been minced in a grinder.  Here in the states I have learned to say ground beef, but hamburger?  Yes, hamburgers are made from it, but I am not a lover, and use mine for Shepherd’s pie.

I would be very interested…

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Don’t waste $39.99 on 12 tiny bars of Perfect Keto Protein Bars.



I usually give all the Keto diet products to my trainer, but wanted to try the New! Delicious Perfect Keto Bar Lemon Poppy seed Flavor | Low Carb Protein Bar | 2g Net Carbs | 11g Protein | Keto Friendly | No Artificial Flavors, No Added Sugars, No Fillers before doing so.

Today I was at the gym for 1 hour 45 minutes, and did a lot of strength training so couldn’t wait to get home, and have one.

The ingredients are:  Organic Almond Butter, Soluble Tapioca Powder, Grass Fed Collagen, Cacao Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Flavors, MCT Oil Powder (MCT Oil, Acacia Fiber), Almonds, Poppy seed, Sea Salt, Organic Lemon Oil, Stevia.

However, I am not sure whether he will like them.  The good thing is they are so small, so you don’t have too much to eat.  You can taste the lemon flavor, but also the aftertaste of…

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Postcard from life lately

lighted candle

Sunday afternoon, and following a weekend of bad weather, rain, strong winds, I wrapped myself in my blanket in the sofa. No TV, no book, just me and my thoughts, and a vanilla candle burning, a flickering flame.

The candle gave far less illumination than the electrical light bulbs, yet it was all my eyes could take. The shapes of the furniture were noticeable. It reminded me home in days gone by, when my grandfather would bring in the firewood and we’d warmed ourselves before the bare flames, basking in the glow, sharing stories and laughing till late at night. I reached out my fingers to the baby flame to feel the warmth and with a half-smile reaching those memories…

If you are following me for a while, you know that I grew up in a small Portuguese village, lost between valleys, mountain and rivers, and electrical outages were very…

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let’s​ talk about, Not talking about it!


from a spark to a flame

man wearing white tank top Photo by fotografierende on

The banter has been mighty in our house this week. On Monday I collected my middle son, Ethan, at the bus stop.  He got in the car and announced in horror that he had the worst homework ever.

Oh dear, I said and questioned if it was comprehension.  No, he replied, I’ve to write a story on the journey of the SPERM!  I exploded into laughter and Joshua followed suit, although I doubt very much that he fully understood what he was laughing about.  However, he soon learnt, as Ethan was very forthcoming with all the information he needed to decide that this indeed was a very funny thing to have homework on.  From what he was able to tell his younger brother he is right on track for an A star in biology and the whole baby making process.  Much thanks to Ethan’s year 8…

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The Poet has a request,

Forgive him for seeking a rest…

He may hem and haw

But can’t break the law,

That sufficient sleep lessens stress!

He bids all a fond adieu,

May pleasant dreams attend you…

In other time zones

Blessings on your homes,

Until he comes back in view!

Jonathan Caswell

The Fuchsia’s Bright, the Fuchsia’s Orange


Demi Monde

Fuchsia Bright - SideFuchsia Bright - FrontFuchsia Bright - Back


Outfit: 1960s inspired babydoll minidress in bright print of fuchsia and orange tones, worn with black fitted tee underneath.

Shoes: Knee high flat leather boots.

Hair: Worn in a semi-beehive with a black clip to back and the lengths caught in a sideswept ponytail.

Accessories: Black opaque hosiery, orange square earrings, coral bracelet.

Perfume: Lady Gaga ‘Fame’

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