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Was scheduled for two-fifteen,

Got started ’round quarter to three…

She nearly clobbered me just before–

My “late” question considered mean.

She was finalizing the fit

Of bridesmaids gowns and such…

Had a long round trip,

At the time I wasn’t worth much!

Yet the thing went through,

Mostly without a hitch…

My youngest nephew’s howl

Gave funny bones a twitch.

Twenty-seven years—June third–

Nineteen eighty-nine…

It doesn’t feel like yesterday

But has been an enriching time!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Dedicated to my wife of 27 years, Diana M. Caswell)



Three hundred fifty years, from 1639,

To the year we were married is fine…

Caswells in America–

A little piece of clerica,

Another cheer for 1989!

Like the start of the Space Are,

Other things took center stage…

In Eighty-nine we married

And on honeymoon tarried,

Two weeks…in this day and age!

So it wasn’t til later

That I realized to celebrate her…

And my family’s time

In this U.S.A. clime,

Although for family it wasn’t a high rater.

I’ve collected Bicentennial ¬†cabooses,

In N scale to do what one chooses…

Re-letter mine


Unless one caboose refuses.

Then run a special train,

(I have history on the berain),

Around my train track

And then run it back,

I run it every year again!

–Jonathan Caswell



This week, June third, holds a story,

Not just paying so boring…

Two got married

And Jesus carried

Them all this way—to God be glory!

Twenty-six years on Wednesday,

I took her Dads girl away…

My Mom lost a son

But a new daughter won,

She saw I made it okay.

What will we do for this feat,

Perhaps go out and eat…

Nothing special it seems

For we live our dreams

Will be done when life is complete!

–Jonathan Caswell