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A sesame bread stick break,

One that he had to take…

Fasting blood sugar

Tests  are a booger,

But with better treatment at stake!




Drowning his sorrows in sugar,

Because today was a booger…

The silly man caved

As though a knave,

Or trying to pet a wild cougar!

He found the end of this week,

Too much excitement to seek…

He sat in a chair

In his underwear

While a neighbor was invited in to speak.

Discovered, the air-headed dude,

The insurance had not renewed…

Been driving since June

(The uninsured loon)

With risk constantly accrued!

His registration voided yesterday

And he had to scramble to save…

The paperwork

In a last-minute spurt,

Before he made a state trooper rave.

Doctors sure are pains,

Relating relationship strains…

He knows already

He’d getting unsteady,

With few ways “out” that God deigns.

So maybe this weekend he’ll rest,

If family don’t push relentless…

Or he’ll blow

And THEN they’ll know

It’s time to demand of him less!

–Jonathan Caswell



Woke up after dreaming a dream,

Of some sort of Oedipus scheme…

It’s happened before

But one I deplore,

Got a warning in the midst, it wasn’t keen.

I woke up to low blood sugar,

Is that why this dream was a booger?

Can’t always control

What the projectionist rolls,

The subject can be “badder” or “gooder.”

My dreams tend to work ’round a scheme,

Can’t always tell what they mean…

Like driving really far

In an open-front car,

Or with a windshield that never stays clean!

I seem to “prefer” flood waters,

Without the comfort of otters…

While flying aloft

Or driving oft

Through the edges with no sounding spotters.

Entrances and holes become smaller,

Which I wiggle through, growing taller…

One never knows

Where a passage goes,

It changes down each new “holler.”

I see a lot of trains and ships

And people in quick “film clips…”

Mostly on the move,

Little time to soothe

Emotional vict’ries and slips.

The outside observer of dreams

May posit a view on the means…

I sometimes enjoy

Being the little boy,

Depending on the projector-man’s schemes!

–Jonathan Caswell