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Someone who loves life might concur,

He seems to avoid her…

Not as friendly as before

With eyes on the floor,

Hurrying past in a blur.

He’s not really fond of his goal,

A struggle against a foe old…

Ashamed to be


Caught in his usual role.

It’s as if his pleasure

Inexplicably has to be measured…

With no right

Of pleasure in sight,

Nor allowing himself friends to treasure.

He’s shied away so long,

He wonders if he belongs…

To any group,

Would anyone stoop

To admit to him in their throng?

Unfortunately for his whim,

There are many he knows who love him…

His self-pity jag

Won’t stay in the bag,

Depressed, his self-view is dim.

The man has to take a stand,

With faith he has command…

Emotional woes

Don’t point where he goes,

The need of him is in demand.

All is not as it seems,

Despite those morbid day dreams…

All is not lost–

Christ paid the cost–

He can CHOOSE to counter bad schemes!


–Jonathan  Caswell

(A big part of winning…is choosing.)






The young ones brought up now,

Seem to think somehow…

That they should be paid

For every change made,

Or else they’ll make a row.

Like training a new one in,

Without extra pay is a sin…

For the sake of the job

They should not be a snob,

But help the poor guy fit in!

A friend of ours offered her son

To get our computer to run…

He demanded a fee

Up front from me,

Much more than what I would have done.

I didn’t bother mentioning it to his mother,

But neither did I bother…

With a lad so enticed

To quote an overpriced

Fee, sight unseen, for whatever.

Some folks don’t like being “used”

Good or bad, it’s yours to choose…

I for one, don’t see

It as disability

To help—-I’ve nothing to lose!!!


–Jonathan Caswell