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The current line of Christian thought

Among those who really care…

Is that the title “Christian”

Should be left away out there!

It was first coined in Antioch,

A derisive term at best…

So how come believers

Let pagans draw the family crest?

I know, I know–Emperor Constantine–

A pagan uncircumcised…

Saw a cross in the sky, won a great victory

And forced all to be baptised.

He, himself, would not confess

The faith til his very end…

His mother went to the Holy Land

Finding holy sites for pilgrim vend,

Terms are mixed and washed-out

Just like with Constantine..

You say “Christian” now-a-days

And we don’t really know what you mean.

It’s rather like the fashion of a cross,

That’s become a matter of style…

All those pendants,earrings, pins

Would make a Constantine smile.

Christians now are anybody

Who wants to put the label on….

The whole idea of serving obedience

Is spread out…not acted upon!

Servant of God and Christ’s disciple

Is whom I am in the Lord…

Serving Him means I shan’t stifle

God’s Holy Spirit and the Living Word.

I’ll keep using “Christian”

Out of respect for the ones who know…

That it is not a swear word

But a badge of honor when you go.

–Jonathan Caswell