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The microwave is heating up

My last meal of the day…

Leftover chili and a grilled cheese sandwich

Made at home, by the way.

Both had been in the refrigerator

And so were properly “aged…”

Sour-dough rye on the side

And cold coffee are the rage ( ! )

It’s not great verse but it will do,

Nutritious at the very least…

So excuse me a moment while I dig in

To a Security Guard’s fine feast.

–Jonathan Caswell




The grackles are out in force,

With iridescent collars, of course…

And a boat-keel tail

With which to sail,

Over to their nests in the forest.

One certain grackle had a tidbit,

That must have required some grit…

In the middle where we park

He stopped on a “lark”

Grabbed a pebble and flew on with it.

A second grackle flew all the way

From the food area to display…

To the kids and Missus

What he’d brought with kisses,

That they’d have a fine feast today!


–Jonathan Caswell