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When the answer’s deeper,


When the feeling’s raw…


When embedded sleepers

Inhibit one’s own jaw?

Now we’ve gone to two weeks

Between sessions just when I hurt

My weekly safety net is  in ruins

While my problems have a growth spurt!


When nothing lasts forever,


When your core seems rotten too…


To find yourself  a lever

A loving God  provided that for you!

–Jonathan Caswell



Morning is breaking and I’m up,

Working out my salvation….

Perhaps it’s time to say that’s enough,

Expressing my derivation.

Light appears by spinning of Earth,

Those who are on it sit still…

Locked to the surface most are from birth

Enlightened by a loving God’s will.

Windows through which we see coming dawn

Closed against morning chill…

Open wide as warm air comes on

List’ning to birdsong trill.

I have to rest–breathing is poor,

I’ll know as I try to walk back…

This foot wound hurts and morning is still,

But how we poets yack!

–Jonathan Caswell




A Christian recently

Asked this question of me…

He had no answer

For shootings or cancer,

That others had asked ceaselessly.

I promised I would try,

With God’s help to reply…

We each have a voice

In our lives and a choice,

To live for Him or “I”.

If God wanted, He could have got,

Some attention from a programmed robot…

But love is in choosing,

Not coerced accusing

So He gave us the choice from the start.

Some things are not chosen, like menses,

But every choice has consequences…

When His wisdom is rejected

A different consequence is selected,

Determined by past/present tenses!

God wants His children to run

Toward Him, but He won’t force anyone…

As a Father he waits

Until we appreciate,

All the blessings He will do for those who come.

Some folks talk about a loving God,

But their vision of Him is really odd…

They want to be pampered,

Left in diapers to scamper

Around with an adult bod.

In life, we have suffering and pain,

No one totally understands what we gain…

But those who have matured

And life’s hardship endured,

Know better how to love, all the same.

Now I’m not saying anything new,

Would a bride want a groom acting as though he were two?

Our parents may want to shield

Us from the worst that life deals,

But one grows by living it through.

Is God still loving–He surely is,

He’ll use even bad times for His kids…*

To grow up and mature,

In faith greatly endure…

Everyone faces suffering as Christ did.

For this is a fallen world,

That into, every one of us is hurled…

Will you suffer angrily

Or submit to Deity,

Facing life as a child of God, as it’s unfurled?


–Jonathan Caswell

 *Romans 8:28