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The Aussie fashion queen,

Shows her finer things…

she has a mate

Who highly rates,

Whatever in which she’s been seen!

On race day She alights

In dress and hat–beautiful sights…

Cheers on her horse

(Does it win–OF COURSE!)…

Other horses just see “tail lights”!

An honest reviewer is she,

Committed to honesty…

If it don’t work

The truth she won’t shirk,

But state failings plainly.

Notice that leopard skin?

She shot it then climbed on in…

She’s a crack shot

Likely as not,

So that’s why the leopard gave in!

She doesn’t take tomfoolery,

But gladly shows off jewelry…

Comments are fine

If you toe the line,

If you don’t believe it–ask me!

—Jonathan Caswell

(some factoids in this poem ARE NOT authenticated!)