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(Political opinion and plea)


Our Foreign Office somewhere was bombed*

Today and the Middle East ain’t calm…

Our naiveté’

Still gets in the way

Of knowing just whom it came from.

Twelve years ago on day shift,

Those attackers sent their awful gift…

Thousands of lives

That hatred drives,

Gets harder the players to sift!

Mr. President, withdraw your hand

From striking Syria’s land…

There is no way

An attack saves the day,

They’ve ignored your lines in the sand.

Strike now and only increase

The resistance to any kind of peace…

The folks on both sides

Scream “America dies!”

And neither set of wheels need any grease!


–Jonathan Caswell

*News heard on “COAST-TO-COAST AM”, ON 94.9 FM, WTAG….an “I HEART” radio station (iheartradio.com).






By some, the Press attitude,

Approaches naivety rude…

With bare notice

Of warnings like this,

Has the state department come unglued?

Not likely but more to the point,

Our Media may be out of joint…

So often deceived

What can one believe,

So which view must they anoint?

Obama takes it seriously enough,

He can’t afford any more guff…

Or scandal this time

As his problems climb,

If no action was taken–he’d be stuffed.

But then again these “wars” seem far away,

With little effect on us day-by-day…

Unlike in Berlin

With bombs raining in,

For most it’s just another day.

So I’m glad this Administration is cautious,

Otherwise more folks would be nauseous…

Of a government who’d kill

Allegedly at will,

And blame it on filmmaker causes!


–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion)