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Opposites do attract,

that is an established fact…

Husband and wife

And friends in strife,

Each the other impacts!

There are opposites in different ways,

Political/theological –that thought stays…

How you brush your teeth

Or things bequeath,

As life on relationship plays!

I think there’s a definite feeling,

Committment despite the revealing…

Of factors dividing

A friendship’s exciting,

In the give and take of their dealings.

You’re right–I’m a romantic fool,

Still in the “hard knocks ” school…

Loyalty transcends

What would keep us from being friends,

Knowing you—is SOO COOL!!!

–Jonathan Caswell

DEDICATED TO…”holly” and others!



He really cannot grouse,

Having the best seat in the house…

Sitting eye-level,

If he were a devil

He could certainly be a louse!

But he loves his job

Enough to let thingamabobs…

Pass unremarked,

Where he’s parked

He’s glad he can’t twist any knobs.

Focusing attention is hard,

When playing a gender card…

Coming and going

Beauty bestowing

To a romantic permanently starred.*

–Jonathan Caswell

* Taken!  🙂