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Praise God for Deborah Grey,

She’d been too long away…

Her phone call

Blesses us all

So thankful for God’s display.

We hadn’t spoken for months,

My wife did write her once…

Told her my story,

To God be glory,

He uses this spiritual dunce.

Knowing the truth made her laugh

WITH ME and on my behalf…

It’s joyful knowing

No one I’m snowing

Nor subject to judgmental wrath!

We talked for nearly an hour,

A wonderful cleansing shower…

This sister close

Deliberately chose

In us to His sweet Spirit pour!

–Jonathan Caswell



She promised to ask each week

Her eyes I managed to meet…

Direct sharing

Shows more caring

Than an e-mail or Tweet.

She knows trouble too,

Her nurturing is of a view…

Where she’s had to ride

Disappointment inside,

But the Lord for her has been true.

We have not always agreed,

But my sister sees a brother in need…

She knows of my hurts,

I know she’s felt worse–

A spiritual sister, indeed.

–Jonathan Caswell