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A fan mentioned a name,

She thought “my favorite” the same…

I had to apprise

Her otherwise,

At work, ya gotta watch out for fame!

Now THAT one sure is nice,

And being a fan she’s nice twice…

Don’t want to inflame

ANY so-named,

And be treated with “shoulder ice.”

Honestly, I’d bring them all home,

But at home I am not alone…

I’m already in love

With a turtle-dove,

Who has claimed me as her own!

The “favorite” red-head is wise

To keep me back with her eyes…

This other one too,

Knows what to do

To keep me from tempting disguise.

This distance is good for me,

These women, no doubt, would agree…

Keeping it pure

And demure

Is better, sharing poetry!


–Jonathan Caswell

(No pictures can do either one justice!)