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Near the end of our visit with them,

The family spoke up, ahem…

To say I was theirs

With no “so there’s”

I was always welcome with them.

I fear I had let slip

My “other fam’ly” flipped…

Us off long ago

And the kids we don’t know,

My hope of reconciling had dipped.

My in-laws ALWAYS have been

Accepting of me as a friend…

In the common pot,

They’re the family I’ve got

And through Diana* I fit right in!

I do have aunts and cousins

In Massachusetts by the dozens…

Who leave us alone,

My failings are known–

Including few visits among ’em.

I kind of blame myself

For extended family dealt…

My isolation

Or self-preservation

Has colored views of family “wealth”.

Some do send Christmas cards

My familiar generation at large…

But among my cousins

Have lost track of dozens

Who live in their own back yards.

So it’s nice having family

That openly likes seeing me…

We made it this time

Up the Northway** incline,

Diana’s satisfaction is key.

–Jonathan Caswell

* Diana M. (Allen) Caswell is my wife of 24 1/2 years.

**The Northway (Interstate Route 87) goes north and south, from New York City to the Canadian border.  We take I-90, to Route 787 West, to I-87 North, to Exit 23….at Warrensburg, NY, before going on the secondary roads to Johnsburg, NY, on our trip to the Allen and Putnam family stomping grounds!




In the midst of what has been,

Do I dare explain man’s ken?

That he is not

Always hot to trot,

But often cools down his yen?

In long-term situations,

Familiarity lessens stimulation…

After a while

He may still smile,

But it’s not as warm an orchestration.

That’s why many marrieds yearn change,

In their marital relation exchange…

The same thing grows old

And starts to feel cold,

Although willingly home on the range.

He never had sisters at home,

But at work the same women roam…

And over time

He is less inclined

To take any one of them home.

And even if he would, he cannot,

Unless he loses the job he’s got…

Feelings tend to fade

Since he wants to be paid,

He accepts the conditions of his lot!


–Jonathan Caswell