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So says the Hymnal Methodist,

Big words but this is the gist…

Confess and repent–

Be not content

Until the Son is kissed!

Church says at least once yearly,

The Bible says daily–more often clearly–

Be reconciled

Whenever defiled,

If possible—do it early!

Some emotional are,

Others barely jarred…

Do we say “bewail”

And all that entails

EACH TIME we take things too far?

Ritual for ritual’s sake,

Repetition brings temptation to fake…

Made to repent

One will resent,

In tthe heart, repentance won’t take!

How do maturer disciples

Get through these frequent cycles…

Expressed emotion

Faked as devotion,

The process taken as trifles?

I am no master-mind here,

Perhaps my experience clears…

Questions of sense

With God’s grace immense,

The mystery revealed for years.

I know when I’ve done,

Delibrately against God’s Son…

Acknowledged inside

Recognised  pride,

My Sin against the Holy One.

His grace and mercy I plea

As well as my eternal need…

For all His grace

To see His face,

When from this world we are freed.

Words are cheap without action

So I do what I must for traction…

Forgiving self

Is my wide gulf,

Must do it to God’s satisfaction..

So acknowledge, repent, find release,

In time failure’s sadness will ease…

Can hardly forget

But next time be set

With precautions with which God is pleased.

–Jonathan Caswell