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Millbury Health Care Center,

I stayed while things were tender…

I wandered a lot

But found the spot

Where I had once stood, as I entered.

My favorite P.T. wasn’t working,

But Kelly met me, lobby lurking…

To Activities

I brought one of these,

My book I’d promised when hurting!

Sarah saw me and beamed,

She was just as I had dreamed…

A hug and laugh

On my behalf,

With a roomful of residents deemed.

–Jonathan Caswell

P.T   is Physical Therapist….Rehab is Rehabilitation



Yoga and yogurt make you feel well,

At least what I’ve heard, the best I can tell…

One tries to stretch you

The other unmess you,

And both are activities to sell.

–Jonathan Caswell



Misty mornings early rising,

Cool at first awake…

Getting up and getting going

For oatmeal or pancakes.

Counselors helping campers

To get up and “at ’em”…

Handicapped and walkers both

Move along macadam.

“Little fuzzy peaches”* often

Served half at a time…

Tiny bowls with heavy syrup

Make the strange seem fine.

Morning devotions, afternoon hikes,

Learning ancient crafts…

Swimming for those judged able

To and back from rafts.

Tracheotomy kids get pool time,

Banned from the deep end…

Counselors keep a close eye on them

Preventing tragic ends.

Quiet evenings next to campfires,

Snack shops opened up…

Keeping busy until bedtime

When counselors drop.

Many summer romances started,

Broken up with wistful tear….

Some will grow and some will end

‘Til they meet again next year!

Leaving time comes on quickly,

A week or two then pack…

Campers counting days and months

Until they can come back.

–Jonathan Caswell

*NOTE:  “Little fuzzy peaches” refer to canned apricots, often served at breakfast.  🙂