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Last week was the first in months,

Rarely have I repeated once…

Health and mood

both intrude,

Disrupting attendance.

Don’t get hugs every time,

One or two still take mine…

Isn’t the point

To visit the joint,

I shouldn’t fear interacting time!

Autumn brings change,

The summer hours reclaimed…

For Sunday School

Adults join the pool,

For after worship exchange.

–Jonathan Caswell


He went to stay in mountains,

Viewing cataracts and fountains…

He went to North Creek

Motive power to seek,

And to see turntable mountings!

Not a train was running that day,

But took pictures of the display…

Where engines were

When traffic stirred,

And trains got underway.

His collection at home,

He’ll run and not store alone…

His modeled switching

Railroad  keeps his twitching,

Alive to ensure things are done.

–Jonathan Caswell



I don’t mean to complain,

My wife and aren’t the same…

We are frustrated

How the other has stated

Some attribute that is a pain.

She avoids complaining about me,

Likewise in my poetry…

We talk face-to-face

And no other place,

No undermining, you see!

Still. long-standing practices irk,

In each other a particular quirk…

Makes light of my gas

For this too shall pass,

She hates afterwards when I smirk.

And what are some of hers,

To say so would be adverse…

To our marriage vows

Would be verbal “POWS”

And who needs that kind of curse?

–Jonathan Caswell