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A man, nameless shall be,

Became my friend reluctantly…

Christians blamed

For negative fame,

But somehow he warmed up to me!

We worked side-by-side for years,

Angry, defensive with fears…

Muslim was he

Of some infamy,

And oft took it out on his peers.

We fought like cats and dogs,

At a whim beginning to slog…

About Christians and Jews

And Palestinian dues

Paid to be treated like dogs.

We agreed Palestinians were used

As go-between and abused…

As Israel’s thorn,

A tool born

To constantly put on the screws.

Somehow he came to see

My faith was directing me…

Despite logic raised

I my Lord praised,

And acted consistently.

He still questions the Bible

With questions approaching libel…

Answering his whim

Hasn’t always been,

The easiest to find what he sees as viable!

But he and I share,

Both having family in our care…

Difficulties laid

We each give aid

To the other, to keep working there.

–Jonathan Caswell