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When buying trains for his collection,

He aimed in certain directions…

He took great pains

Finding oddball trains,

Delighting him in their inspection!

A little like him they are,

Interesting shapes and parts…

Characters like him

Respond to whim,

An oddball becomes his star!

The ALCO RSD-four or five,

Worked good for heavy-hauling drive…

Six wheels each truck

Earned more than good luck,

They kept tonnage going, climb or dive!

This particular unit he doesn’t have,

There ARE LIMITS to what one can grab…

But pictures show

Why that railroad would go,

With an oddball–extra traction, rails to grab!

That high-looking “stick” so grand,

Is an extra-high fill for traction sand…

Blown on the rails,

Better traction it avails,

One of the reasons they survived in Iron Ore land!

–Jonathan Caswell


Alco road switcher compact,

N scale has a few intact…

Proitotypes too

Survive so few,

Little commercial impact!

Very few in N scale,

Available for sale…

This one is cheap

But worthy to reap,

On E-bay a bid might avail.!

Waiting to see if he wins,

Waiting on needles and pins…

An over-bid

Could sink yours kid,

If then he sadly grins.


Image courtesy of E-Bay.