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NONE LIKE YOU…by Carl Gooch

None Like You

O Lord, I will proclaim your steadfast love;

You are the measure none can rise above.

My lips will sing sweet praises of salvation;

Your name will be honored for all generations.

Your steadfast love fills the heavens forever;

Your faithfulness has failed us never.

With your blood you made a holy covenant;

And I by oath, vow to be your devoted servant.

My family, through out all the generations,

Shall sing praises to the Lord of all nations.

I will let all the earth know of your deeds;

Like a farmer, I’ll be about planting the seeds.

You are faithful in private and in the street;

Your word is a loving promise, true and sweet.

In all heaven and earth there is none like you;

You prove day after day that your love is true.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 14 August 2015



(Three religious limericks)

Folks who argue ’bout Law,

Nitpick to the smallest flaw…

A Pharisee

In Christianity

Proceeds with tooth and claw.

The Sadducee looks down

Upon those nearer to the ground…

Failing to realize

That in the Lord’s eyes,

The table is turned upside down!

Ethnicity ahead of Christ

Ignores His sacrifice…

All nations will kneel

At cherubim appeal,

Ethnic troublers should think twice.

–Jonathan Caswell