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My friends, they never would,

‘Though sometimes I feel they should…

Call me “gimp”

Because I limp,

And sometime don’t walk very good.

I get most of my exercise

At work but realize…

Outside I must train

Myself to maintain

Leg muscle tone (“I tries”).

There’s “always” been something wrong,

A curve in my back so long…

I’ve nearly forgotten

The times I was trotting,

Without a hitch being gone.

When I’m tired I am frustrated

By a limp exacerbated…

I pray I could walk

With no risk of gawk,

By observers as I’ve ambulated!

Starting out on a round stinks,

Partway through I can work out the kinks…

Hobbling less

Is improvement, I guess,

Bolstered by a couple warm drinks.*

Each day is faced step-by-step,

With a minimum of time for prep…

You do what you can

Whether man or woman,

And whatever results–accept.


–Jonathan Caswell

*”warm drinks”—nonalcoholic…remember, I’m a diabetic!!!




She thanked him so pleasantly,

For helping her trajectory…

Speeding her healing

By her chair wheeling,

Which she doesn’t need him to be.

Using one crutch ambulating,

Though slow, it was exhilarating…

To see her move

And find her groove,

With his visual participating.

It was nice of her to say it was pleasant

Of him to help the young pheasant…

With a sprained wing

Get back into things,

He thoroughly enjoyed the present!


–Jonathan Caswell


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