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There once were two “kids” in rivalry

Doing a tit-for-tat game…

It stretched to nearly all that they did,

Sometimes it really was lame.

They decorated the apartment door,

They were married, after all…

One put a plaque that he’d bought at a store

But the rest of it started a squall!

She posted a hand-written sign below

His neat computer-made sign…

She didn’t like his picture of trains,

Said, “Here, this favorite of mine.”

So the queen on the plaque has a visual cue,

In black and white, a tiara-ed cat…

Opposite the roaring choo-choo

And there’s nothing wrong with all that.

–Jonathan Caswell



(Sung to “The Yellow Rose of Texas”)

There’s nothing like an angel

Who stops by with treats,

Appearing at the doorway

With a bagful of good eats…

We take your saltless tater chips

They suit us just fine,

Just pass along your “healthy stuff”

We’ll be the next in line!

We met a living angel

At our apartment door,

He claimed he wasn’t ‘tother one

Who had dropped by before…

Who graciously left pasta

When we were in hard times,

But this one had a smile so big

His heart had sim’lar lines!

We bless him for his graciousness

And thanks unto our Lord,

Who sends by various “angels”

When we need hope restored…

So thankful for the angels

He sends by our way,

Whether they have two legs or four

They brighten up our day!  🙂

–Jonathan Caswell