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I just met a blogger-wood,

Who shouted as loud as he could…

“Unhand that post,

‘Cause I know the most,”

And you’re just a worm and NO GOOD!

He went on to say I’d no right

To bring his theology to light…

He “wants to share”

But no one nowhere

Is allowed to reblog on sight.

So I just let him be,

Deleted his thing gladly…

For which I was judged…

A hoolum and smudge

Upon his self-sanctity.

Not everyone quoting Scripture

Has wisdom to get the whole picture…

Better to leave–

God’s Spirit they grieve–

Let them drink their own mixture!

Answers full of hate

And judgment don’t rate…

Any answer

That kind of cancer

Loves to argue and berate!

I’m glad that he spoke up,

Don’t want theology corrupt…

Luring in fools

While the Devil drools,

And not on this blog I’ve built up!

–Jonathan Caswell