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A cute cashier named Ashleigh,

Was very pleasant to me…

I was conflicted

‘Cause my wife insisted

My going out late for coffee!

This Ashleigh had a nice smile

I found worth the extra mile…


On the homeward ride,

I really did like her style.

At another store, Stacie’s my friend

Who likes Poetry I send…


On each shopping spree

Or on the homeward bend!

Stacie, like me, can’t afford

The Net, plus room and board…

She’s happy to get

Printed ones that

Buoy her spirits up when they are floored.

–Jonathan Caswell

** PRICE CHOPPER is a grocery store chain founded near Schenectady, New York, with stores throughout New York and the New England States.   Many of these (like the two, in different towns, mentioned above) are open 24 hours…for those of us who have to shop after a late 2nd shift…or when one’s wife refuses to live without ground coffee!  🙂