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AUTHOR’S NOTE:  He’s not trying to grandstand—just admit to his guilt of certain motives and conduct and ask forgiveness of those he has wronged–whether or not they feel they were.  It is a part of his Christian belief…being reconciled to God and the ones he has wronged asking forgiveness of both.  There is a Bible basis to all this, which the author believes by faith to be the transcribed word of God to be followed and obeyed.  Especially when he doesn’t!  Questions/Comments are always welcome.

Writer of poetry,

The “fashion” got away from me…

Chasing skirts

Many women hurts,

Of this I am guilty!

Sought “readers” unsuccessfully,

The hidden motive–to see…

What interested

Where saints shouldn’t tread

And pester them endlessly!

The many unreturned visits,

Prove out how wrong is it…

I know my sin

Repenting therein,

Stop this practice is the solution exquisite!

I will  stillreach out,

In subjects not ruled out…

Walk in the flesh

Heavily risks death,

Gotta pull some hot irons out!

The upshot–some I’ll follow–

The rest–if they visit tomorrow…

I’ll respond graciously

But not the pest–not me–

I’ve sinned–I repent in sorrow!

My actions toward those of whom I’ve spoken,

From now on–contact is broken…

This I must do

So they’ll feel safe too,

No need of me in their business poking.

–Jonathan Caswell





For a believer in Christ, two ways,

Of knowing what feeling guilt says…

Pre- and Post-

List’ning to the Holy Ghost,

Determines which answer to raise.

Finding a sin in life

And not fully dealing with, brings strife…

The Spirit convicts

While one’s ego tricks

Us to thinking this much guilt is rife.

Unless you confess and repent

The Holy Spirit is sent…

To nag you to see

That it’s not totally

Dealt with by personal intent.

This often feels like guilt,

Underwhich one’s stubbornness wilts…

This urging of Spirit,

How most hate to hear it

But He keeps us from our sinful tilts.

Listen, confess and repent,

For that is why His spirit is sent…

Ask forgiveness right then,

Accept it from Him

And resolve then a more Godly bent!

After the process is done

And victory in Jesus is won…

THEN if there’s guilt,

After seeking God’s ilk,

Then Deceiver’s temptations have come.


–Jonathan Caswell

**Developed through reading “PRAYING GOD’S WORD, Breaking Free From Spiritual Strongholds,” by Beth Moore (2009).