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Surry’s have fringes on top,

The outfit has more than its crop

Of torso detail

Which doesn’t fail,

One’s attention to stop.

The skirt bottom fringe may swish,

At any movement of the dish…

Fabric fluttering

Causes stuttering,

Gazing on this outfit delish.

Race Day indubitably will,

For observers be a thrill…

Less the horses that ran

But what’s in the stands,

Being a woman of good will.

–Jonathan Caswell





The questions are moot,

Wearing patriotic suits…

Getting th’attention

Is the woman’s intention,

Hoping to bear handsome fruit!

When guys wear patriotic trunks,

If their bodies are tight, they’re hunks…

Whatever they wear

The viewers don’t care,

They love watching manly hunks.

Beyoncé’ and other stars,

Parade on summer sand bars…


Help others to see,

All those stripes and the stars!

–Jonathan Caswell

Illustration vis Google Images)



Beware girls or boys

Casting for new toys…

If one won’t play

They’ll be thrown away,

For another more interesting chojce!

He sometimes with little meant

Replaces a relationship spent…

Matters little who with

As long as they give,

And make him feel like president.

–Jonagthan Caswell