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Back when they owned a home,

Their woods the homeowner roamed…

Found a large bra

Waiting for a thaw,

Hanging from a branch away from home.

Found a bag-full  ladies’ shoes,

And a PLAYGIRL Mag. well-used….

What evil lurks

In all human works,

What horrible things Man exumes!

–Jonathan Caswell


Used to be Washington and Lincoln

Birthdays of distinction…

Separate were

Celebrated for,

Each their own fame without linking.

Then to reduce off days,

History meaningless in ways…

Three-day weekends

Popular trends,

Became governmental mainstays.

Since little history’s taught,

Long weekends are fraught….

Ignorant of meaning

No student gleaning,

Much more that a party onslaught!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece)


(An opinion piece)

Some say it never happened,

That it was all a fake…

To make us believe a lie

Easy as cake!

I’m just not that cynical

Believing that theory true…

It wasn’t just on TV

And maybe some lost a screw.

Some of these same people

Believe in a “flat Earth…”

Evidence they provide–

One wonders how it’s birthed?

This week is the anniversary

Of landing on the Moon…

Denied by only those who don’t

Into the TV tune…!

–Jonathan Caswell