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This poet  will answer a call,

To write about baseball…

For a younger fan,

A boy who can

Probably explain it all!

The Duck Boat Parade he’s seen

And celebrated our team…

Our good old Red Sox

As a franchise rocks,

To visit them would be a dream.

With balls and strikes and runs,

Getting on base means moving your buns…

And stay away

From that double play,

The kind of cut off that stuns!

Will Big Poppy go another year,

Will “Sweet Caroline” prompt a new cheer…

Thousands of fans

Clapping their hands,

Distract the opposing team’s ears.

Maybe for some it’s just a game,

For true fans the answer is plain…

We will root and toot

til the Sox find the route

To the Pennant and World Series again!

–Jonathan Caswell




Police forces in Massachusetts

And in St. Louis, as well…

Are gathering extra forces

For celebrations from hell.

The last time Boston won it,

Cars were turned over and burned…

Some would protest police presence

But the need was justifiably earned.

Worcester, Massachusetts, is ready

So the papers say, for onslaught…

Of people ready to party

And damage what they ought not.

It’s weird that a party means “riot”

Can’t folks leave other’s stuff alone?

If they’re going to be antisocial,

It would be better to party at home.


–Jonathan Caswell