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When frustration calls,

Blackness from within befalls…

When inopportune

One acts like a lune,

Prompting others to put up their walls.

Taking it out on one’s mate,

Is a bad pattern to orate…

Have to step back and see

“How much is it me?”

The complaints are not boiler plate!

We go through trouble and grind

Developing state of mind…

Like the mind of Christ

We try to act nice,

On the inside as well as in kind.

Becoming aware of the wrong

Is a first step to changing the song…

Less at fever pitch

For a melody switch,

With God’s help it’ll change before long.

I growled and spat, apologizing,

To my wife for over-generalizing…

Dumping language on her

That she did not prefer,

But she held her tongue instead of eulogizing!

–Jonathan Caswell