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The young ones brought up now,

Seem to think somehow…

That they should be paid

For every change made,

Or else they’ll make a row.

Like training a new one in,

Without extra pay is a sin…

For the sake of the job

They should not be a snob,

But help the poor guy fit in!

A friend of ours offered her son

To get our computer to run…

He demanded a fee

Up front from me,

Much more than what I would have done.

I didn’t bother mentioning it to his mother,

But neither did I bother…

With a lad so enticed

To quote an overpriced

Fee, sight unseen, for whatever.

Some folks don’t like being “used”

Good or bad, it’s yours to choose…

I for one, don’t see

It as disability

To help—-I’ve nothing to lose!!!


–Jonathan Caswell